Gloucester Rhythm & Blues Festivals

Peppers line-ups for the festivals over the recent years:

2018: Monday 23 to Saturday 28 July: 
Monday 23rd: 6pm to 8pm - Reverend Robert
Wednesday 25th: 6pm to 8pm - Steve Browning Band
Friday 27th: 6pm to 8pm - Sons of The Delta (duo)
Saturday 28th: 1pm to 3pm - Chicago Bytes - full band

2017: Monday 24 to Saturday 29 July: 
Monday 24th:  Reverend Robert
Tuesday 25th: Luke Philbrick and Friends
Wednesday 26th:  The Foregates
Thursday 27h:  Keith Thompson (solo)
Friday 28th:  Sons of The Delta (duo)
Saturday 29th:  Blues Business - full band

Saturday 23rd: Blue Street - featuring Anthony Craig
Monday 25th: Rumblestrutters
Tuesday 26th: Damon T followed by Luke Philbrick and friends
Wednesday 27th: Chicago Bytes - full band
Thursday 28th: Keith Thompson - solo set
Friday 29th: Sons of the Delta - duo with Rick and Mark
Saturday 30th:  Stuart Earl and Michael Messer on slide guitar

Saturday 25 July,  Della Grants
Monday 27,  Blue Street (featuring Anthony Craig)
Tuesday 28,  Oliver Darling
Wednesday 29, : Damon T and Luke Philbrick
Thursday 30,  Keith Thompson
Friday 31,  The Sons of the Delta - duo
Saturday 1st August,  Paul Lamb and Chad Strentz acoustic duo.

Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th July 2012.

Check the photos.
Steve Walwyn    Tuesday 24th July
 Steve Walwyn, lead guitarist for the great Dr Feelgood, played a short set in the late afternoon before a full gig at Cafe Rene with his band, The Steve Walwyn Band. Good old fashioned rocking Rhythm & Blues!
Damon T  Wednesday 25th July
 A New Yorker in Gloucester! Damion played the blues. Another fabulous and intimate evening in the Courtyard.