Artists Wall

We have a wall in the upstairs seating area devoted to local artists to show their work. No charge is made for the display space. Items may be available for purchase and all the proceeds go to the artist.
 We also have a wall displaying items found from the Free Art Friday movement - some have been donated for display, others were found by Peppers staff. These items are not for removal!
We also have two murals in the courtyard by artist Artista (website link :, and two chimps on the front doors, drinking coffee and tea of course! These can only be seen when we are closed. They were created by local artist Beastie. Fantastic. We were part of the 2014 PaintJam festival.

Current display:
The display of paintings by Sue Tricky.  Prices start at £3.50 for greeting cards. 

Previous displays:
John Andrews.  All of the pictures in this exhibition explore the question 'what is a pattern?'  At its simplest level, a pattern is any self-replicating structure. The ability to recognise patterns is essential for our survival, without which the world would make no sense, and we would be like Pavlov's unfortunate dog.
Each picture explores a structure that gradually increases in complexity from one stage to the next stage, and seems to suggest something vaguely familiar in the real world,, jungle, eddies, fairground, dancing.
All pictures are high resolution Giclee prints using u-v resistant inks on museum quality archive paper.  Price £80 each including frame.
For more details contact John:

Katie Thomas photography - a variety of images from around and about. Available to buy - please ask the helpful staff!   Visit her website here.
Interesting Photographs from budding local photographer Theo Brookes.
Theo is a keen amateur who is also interested in digital photo processing and getting a higher tonal range from digital images.  Check out his range of photos on  or contact Theo on

Our thanks to Katie Thomas for being our 'artist in residence' and providing a number of excellent displays. We will be looking forward to hosting more of her photos in the near future. Meanwhile we purchased a number of photos and these are in pride of place at Peppers.