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Our Suppliers

Here are a few of our key suppliers and ingredients which we thought you may be interested in. After all, isn't it good to know where your food came from? if you eat at Peppers then you can!
Our guiding principal is to buy local wherever possible, with locally produced products taking preference. By supporting the local economy we are doing our bit for local people.

Bread.  Our sandwich white and granary brown plus rolls are made by St George's Bakery just 6 miles away at Staunton. Fresh delivery every morning.
Our baguettes are made by Gloucester's only bakery: The Billowing Loaf. Organic flour of course. Their website is: www.thebillowingloaf.co.uk 
We also make a loaf or two ourselves, Monday to Thursday; Friday and Saturday loaves from the Billowing Loaf.
Apples.  When in season we buy these from Carey's Organic Farm stall at the Friday Farmer's Market at the Cross.  they come from Herefordshire, not far from Ross - so reasonably local! Interesting varieties make for an excellent taste.
Bacon.  This is provided by the Stowe Herd, near Cinderford in the Forest of Dean. The pigs are Gloucester Old Spot, just the best. Sustainably reared and well cared for.
Cheeses.  Due to the range required we source these from different suppliers. None are cheap options. For example the cheddar is good Hawkridge Tasty cheddar, made by Barbers.  The Stilton is Cropthorpe, a classic and excellent stilton.  It makes all the difference! Other options include: Cornish Yarg; Cornish Brie and Somerset Camembert; English soft blue (Yorkshire or Devon).
Chickens.  All are free range from Madgetts Poultry farm near St Briavels in the Forest of Dean.  We buy them weekly from Mr and Mrs Madgett at the Friday Farmer's Market at the Cross.
Essential.  A workers co-operative wholefood wholesale supplier. Lots of great organic products for the trade.
Eggs.  These are free range eggs from a farm not far from Gloucester on the west bank of the River Severn.
Farmhouse Deli, Northgate Street.  A wonderful shop where we source our home cooked ham and free range eggs. And of course the sausages.
Farmhouse Ham.  Just the best!  Another great Farmhouse Deli product - baked on the premises.
Prawns.  From the North Atlantic and sustainably fished.
Sausages.  We source these from the Farmhouse Deli, where they are made on the premises. Less than a quarter of a mile away!
 Apple Juices.  A local supplier provides us with the best pressed apple juice. Day's Cottage at Brookthorpe provide the Apple and Pear & Apple.
Vegetables.  DJ Perks at Staverton provide us with the bulk of our veg.  We request English where available.  For instance Redmarley tomatoes from near Newent when in season.