The construction of our boat has been ongoing since fall 2005. We made this site so our family, friends and all those who might be interested can follow the project.

One tedious step of this project was to round up information and tricks. We have found many amateur boat builders personal websites were very useful, mostly from tne the pictures. I try to post as many useful photos as possible, but often don't have shots of the most interesting or critical building steps as, at those times, I was too busy to take photos. My commentary may also lack some interesting content as I just throw on ideas as I scroll threw pictures. If you have any questions about our experience building this boat or our the previous, just ask. I will happily add the info on the site or email back.

Nous travaillons a la construction de notre voilier depuis l'automne 2005. Nous avons cree ce site afin de permettre aux amis, famille et tout ceux que ca pourrait interresser de suivre l'evolution du projet.