What Is Our Purpose?
To provide a musical experience for TCNJ students who wish to perform in an ensemble that will provide a large school spirit boost to the campus and enhance the atmosphere of athletic and college events.

Welcome to the College of New Jersey Pep Band's website! Our Pep Band is a group of enthusiastic students from a variety of majors that get together and make music for music's sake. We play upbeat and recognizable songs that are both current and iconic. We perform for a variety of events on campus, including home football games, basketball games, Lion's Day open houses, pep rallies, and other miscellaneous campus events.

We are always looking for new events to participate in on or off campus. If you would like the Pep Band to come to your next event please contact us by going to the contact page.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please check out our contact page for more information.