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Basketball fans are always making comparisons of one player to another, but rarely are we able to agree on the best way to make such comparisons. In reality, there is no single correct way, but this project aims to generate a consensus for a common-ground way of measuring player value.

The idea is as follows: there is a certain set of box score statistics recorded for each player over the season--as fans and basketball experts, we all have a different conception of just what each of those stats is "worth" in some sense. Some might say that scoring a point is worth twice as much as blocking a shot--others might think that an assist is worth 50% of every field goal made, and so assisted field goals should be reduced by 50% in value... There are as many opinions as there are basketball fans. Our hope is to find the middle ground, and we hope you will help.

First, look at the Leaderboard to find out where the weightings currently stand, and how 50 Modern Great players, and 50 of this past season's best players rank according to the current formulation.

Second, take the survey yourself (no more than once a week, please), so your opinion can be factored into a collective evaluation of basketball statistical value.

Third, spread the word! Tell your friends and colleagues about this project--the more participation we have, the better able we are to say we have some sort of consensus.

Fourth, come back often to see the current status of the project. The results are available, and are public property. You may feel free to use "The Peoples' Statistic" in any way you wish--in fact, we hope you do, and we hope it catches on.

Thanks for helping us find a common ground from which to begin our basketball discussions.


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