People Plus advises HRM, directorates and Co-partnership Councils on questions with which they are confronted in the course of their activities.

You may be a member of the European Co-partnership Council and you have received a request for advice about an important reorganization. Or you are a member of the Board of Directors and are confronted with a change in the market with the threat of surplus labour or the need for new competencies within your organization.

People Plus will assist you in analyzing the problems and to arrive at a useful combination of interventions. Problem areas and assignments with which we have much experience are:

In the field of personal development:

  • Assessments 
  • Management development projects made-to-measure
  • Designing learning stages for professionals (IT specialists consultants, project managers)

In the field of organizational development:

  • Mergers and reorganizations
  • Cultural developments
  • Educational programmes

In the field of labour relations:

  • Consultation and co-determination ref. (European) Works Councils
  • Design and culture of (international) labour relations
  • Participation and trust