Youth Outreach

PFJIM Youth:

One clear sign that a church or Christian ministry is growing and developing is that there are ever increasing numbers of committed young people involved. PFJIM is no exception; our desire is to see the youth in the communities that we serve coming to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and learning how best to serve Him with their lives.

The young people of Africa face similar problems to youth all over the world, however often due to extreme poverty they are drawn into ways of life that will damage them and prevent them from leading quality lives now and in the future. Unruly behaviour, drug addiction and prostitution, to name a few, bring great risks to our youth and so PFJIM has set out to guide, teach and train young people how to live quality lives before God and before the community.

Youth Activities:

You will find details of our youth activities programme on our 'Services & Events' page.

People For Jesus youth worship God together.

Supporting Youth Ministries:

If you would like to come to Kenya or Tanzania to assist PFJIM reach the many youth in our communities then please get in touch with us via our 'Contact' page. You can also find out more information on our 'Mission Teams' page.

Partner with us to fund youth work:

We also need your financial support to help fund our developing youth work in Africa. If you can raise funds for us in your home/local community then we would be very grateful. Your hard work there will make our work here achievable and possible, bringing lasting and positive change to the lives of many young people. Please visit our 'Support the ministry' page.

Sponsor capable students:

Please also consider support the further and higher education potential of some of our young people. Many are very bright and well able to cope with University or College.

Your sponsorship support will make it possible for them to realise their dreams as well as release their potential thus benefiting the whole community and the nation at large.

To find out details on students who need support please visit our 'Student Sponsorship' page.

To support a student please visit our 'Support the ministry' page.

Please Pray:

We would value your prayers for the work in which we are involved in a

number of countries.

Please give generously:

You can directly give donations and support our work worldwide.

Please contact the Kenya office using the contact form in our website

or by using our contacts below;


P. O. BOX 1008,

NAROK, 20500,


EMAIL: please use response form here

TEL: 254-721-204447 OR 254-736-574413 OR 254-773-799048

You can also support us through our Mission International UK partner as indicated on our website giving page.