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A window of Opportunity:

Kenya's needs are great, economically many families and communities struggle to get by. Ever increasing fuel bills make the chance of ever breaking out of the poverty trap all the more distant and apparently impossible. With your help and support however there is a real window of opportunity to see lasting change come to many. What you do now will impact on lives not only in your lifetime but in generations to come. Please prayerfully consider becoming involved in the work of People For Jesus International Ministries and bring about the kind of change that needy families can only dream of.

Please Pray:

We would value your prayers for the work in which we are involved in a number of countries.

Please give generously:

You can directly give donations and support our work worldwide.Please contact the Kenya office using the contact form in our websiteor by using our contacts below;PEOPLE FOR JESUS INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES,

P. O. BOX 1008,

NAROK, 20500,


EMAIL: Please use response form here

TEL: 254-721-204447 OR 254-736-574413 OR 254-773-799048

You can also support us through Mission International our UK partner

Please come to work with us:

Jesus said "The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few" - we need hard working Godly people to come along side us to help us bring in this great harvest of souls and to serve in God's harvest field in many other practical ways too.

To find out more about being part of the Ministry in Africa please visit our 'Mission teams' page.