Support for Pastors


A. Background information

Presently (2012), People For Jesus International Ministries (PFJIM) is mother church to four churches in Kenya, three churches in Tanzania and two churches in Pakistan.

As a discipleship and missionary ministry, it is our desire to support, equip, train and send church ministers as best as we can.

    • B. Please support a pastor/missionary with usWith a monthly gift of $100, you are able to sponsor a pastor.

    • With a monthly gift of $200, you are able to support a pastor in a peri-urban area in Kenya

    • With a monthly gift of $500, you are able to support a pastor in a city in Kenya

C. What the sponsor is expected to do;

    • Send monthly, quarterly or bi-annual or annual sponsorship money to the sponsored pastor / minister/missionary through our co-ordinated offices in your country or directly to Kenya.

    • To correspond to the sponsored pastor / minister through our Kenya office

    • To buy pastor’s bibles

    • Send any other gift as the Lord provides

    • Give a prayer support to the sponsored pastor and his/her ministry in Kenya and beyond.

  • Many churches are very poor even to the point of lacking basic things like church seats, land, toilet/latrine and most churches cannot afford giving a salary to the pastor/missionary.Many pastor’s families are struggling to get a day’s meal, many pastor’s children are going without education, hungry and veryhelpless.Pastors will walk for 30 or more kilometers everyday to visit their church members, to reach in the church and other ministry activities. Our goal therefore is to provide every pastor/missionary with PFJIM and there after other ministries affiliated / known to us, with the following resources.A monthly salary

  • At least a primary mode of transport to local church

  • A motorbike to district pastors

  • A 4 X 4 car(automobile truck) to regional or County overseers and national general overseers.

  • To provide the pastoral bible package to every pastor (An English bible, Kiswahili/vernacular bible, bible commentary, bible concordance, bible dictionary)

  • To build every local church with permanent building materials

  • Give out vernacular or suitable bibles to every church member who is able to read.

In Kenya, pastors/national missionaries face many challenges on a

daily basis and they need a lot of prayers.

D. What a sponsored pastor / minister / missionary will do;

    • Send family and ministry updates to his/her sponsor through our offices

    • Pray for his / her sponsor

    • Answer any question that may be asked by the sponsor

    • Send letters of appreciation / thanks giving to his / her sponsor and to send photos whenever necessary

E. A list of gifts that you can donate

In Kenya pastors / church ministers and the churches need a lot of support. Many lack even the basic facilities. You will save someone and it will give God the glory if after looking through this list, you prayerfully choose what you can donate.

    • A financial gift of any amount

    • Building a church (with as little as $12,000, you can build a permanent church building in the rural villages of Kenya and this building can serve thousands of people throughout the next generations for the glory of God.

    • A public address system

    • A music system to be used in the worship services

    • Bibles for the church members

    • Seats

    • Mosquito nets, blankets, shoes

    • You can buy a piece of land for the church

    • You can buy a track that can be used in evangelistic out reaches to win people into the Kingdom of God

    • Money [capital investment] to help set up a loan system to lend church members to enable them have capital for their income generating projects.