Student Sponsorship

Dear Friends of People for Jesus International Ministries:
Student Sponsorship:
Please consider contributing to the further/higher education costs of a student in the developing world.   There are many bright students who, due to the high costs of education and their current position of poverty, do not have the opportunity to release their full potential.

Eunice Naserian Pareiyo
Eunice is a Maasai girl residing near Narok in Kenya.   She is particularly bright having been able to pass her school exams to a high standard.   She comes from a very poor peasant farmer family and community.   The community have tried to find resources to maintain her at nursing college, however due to poverty in the community and a severe drought in the region, resulting in poor crop yields and high livestock mortality rates, they have been unable to raise the required funding.  Traditionally girls are married young and do not get the opportunity to go on to further study, however due to Eunice's high grades it is felt that, given the support that she needs, she will do well in her studies.

Cost: Eunice requires £2300 for her course (in three instalments of £767)

This young woman has a very high chance of success in her studies due to her academic and practical capabilities.

There are many other potential students who require sponsorship to complete their studies.

Student Sponsorship Information:
There are of course many potential students which are being identified by PFJIM in Africa and various other parts of the developing world who need support.   The old saying is true "...we can't help everyone everywhere but we can help somebody somewhere..."  
Thank you for finding out how you can help the needy
Pastor Tom Mboya Opiyo.
Please visit our 'Support the Ministry' page to find out how to support a student.