Photo Gallery

The PFJIM story:

The photos on this page try to show a story of what life is like for the PFJIM team as they reach out to and serve the Maasai people.

Tent Church Narok:

This missionary congregation meets in a small tent church in Narok town which is fast outgrowing them and their needs. The church would like to purchase this land and construct a suitable church sanctuary and office complex on it to better serve the needs of the ministry now and into the future.

Semi-nomadic pastoralists:

Due to the semi-nomadic nature of the Maasai culture church life is often interrupted as families move away to find grazing and water for their livestock. Here a Maasai lady milks her cows.


Outreach into the villages that surround Narok is a central element to the work of People for Jesus International Ministries.

Maasai worship:

Maasai ladies make their way to a church service; they remain in groups as they walk because they are friends but also for safety reasons. The Maasai Mara has many wild animals, not all of which remain within the boundaries of the game parks.

Maasai men and women respond to a call to give their lives to Christ, the first step on their journey with God.

Like any other indigenous group the Maasai have their own language and culture. The Maasai have therefore written their own songs of worship which are used in church services as the Word of God challenges the culture in which they live.

Maasai families come to listen to the singing and the preaching and eventually make a profession of faith and join in the new church plants


Often it takes some time for those who listen to the message being preached to conclude that they need to be saved. The call on PFJIM is to preach and God does the rest in His good time.

New believers are baptised in the river in the heart of the Maasai Mara

Church planting:

People hungry to hear the Word of God eventually become a growing church plant providing a place of worship and pastoral care for the community.

Schools Ministry:

A pastor's job would not be complete without his involvement in local schools. This rural school turns out and sits on the ground in the hot sun to listen to pastor tom talk to them and will sing and jump as they too worship God.

Long distances walked:

Pastor Tom and his team often have to walk very long distances to reach the villages in which they serve. The routes they take are through very rough, often hostile and dangerous terrain.

Pastor Tom delivers a message of hope to school children near Narok town. Many of the children in the school are orphans and so what he has to tell them of the love of their Father God is very well received.

To view an album of photos about the Kandaria Irrigation Project please click on the image below.

Veterinary services:

''People For Jesus Ministry are a strong stakeholder in offering free veterinary services in places where we work and in other livestock areas that have need. The free veterinary services have been serving the vast Maasai community in Narok County who are basically livestock keeping people. The need is enormous and needs many stakeholders. We need veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, veterinary drug supplies, and whatever veterinary services/training and equipment/facilities

that we can get. The livestock community will ultimately improve their living standards and many animal to human diseases will be reduced. This veterinary service is an important aspect of the work of People For Jesus Ministry.''