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Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I am pastor/missionary Tom Mboya Opiyo.  Currently I am a missionary operating from  a missionary base in Kenya, Africa among a people of Cattle called the MAASAI in a place called Narok which is in the Rift Valley province of Kenya.  Thank you in advance for the great work you do for the expansion of the Kingdom of God by your partnership with us.


The website contains a lot of information about  our  current ministry work.  I request individuals,  organizations, trusts, foundations, ministries, Churches, etc,  to prayerfully consider working in partnership with our ministry for the sake of proclaiming the Gospel with the urgency the Gospel requires.  We genuinely need your partnership as we do indigenous missionary work among needy people in Africa and beyond.

Areas of Ministry:

Our ministry is involved in doing many things with very limited resources.  That includes,

1.  Missions and missionary work(Short-TERM and Long-Term)

2.  Church planting.  

3.  Discipleship

4. Teaching ministries

5. Kingdom business enterprises income generating initiatives

6. Widows/orphans/destitute support/care.  We currently have 120 orphans and 15 widows that need support.

7. Community development projects/programs as evangelistic tools/Relief services.  We have free veterinary service and water supply programme projects.

8.  Children/youth/women and family ministries

9. Church/Christian networking

10. Education support and sponsorship programmes


Please support God's work in Kenya:

I am struggling with all the Church  programs and many of them are not doing well because of the poor African environments where I work.  I need your prayer, support and expertise.

More information about our ministry work plus areas of partnership are contained in the website  for your easy reference.  Thank you and may the Almighty God richly bless you.  I look forward to your partnership and to hear from you.

Remember that your service is not in  vain (1 Corinthians 15:58).

In God’s humble service,


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