Narok Church building project

People for Jesus International Ministries

intends to erect a new purpose built Church building and offices in Narok town for the congregation and for PFJIM headquarters. The information below answers some of the questions including the costs of the project at current 2011 prices.

Q. What is the title of your project?

PFJIM - Kenya Narok Town - Church Building and Buy Land

Q. What is the Big Idea of your project?

The project will enable us to purchase land for building Church Worship Sanctuary and Church offices for our Headquarter at Narok town in Kenya

Q. Do you know the expected start and end dates for your project?

START JULY-- 2017 -- JULY 2021

The Need

Q. What problem is the project trying to solve?

The Church is renting grounds for Church Sanctuary. Many Church activities and programmes cannot be done in the rented place. The Church does not have an office to run Church programmes efficiently. The number of Church members are increasing but the rented place is small and expensive.

Q. How will your project solve the problem?

We shall have our own property (at least half acre) in which we have our sufficient Church building to host at least 500 members. The Church building will also have Church offices for efficient and effective administrative work on Church programmes and activities.


Q. What will you do to achieve this aim?

Aim: 1. To acquire at least half acre piece of land for the Church in Narok town.

2. To build at least 500-members capacity Church Sanctuary.

3. Build Church offices attached to Church Sanctuary.


1. Church members to contribute a percentage of the funds needed for the project(at least five percent).

2. Raise funds from well-wishers, donors and partners willing to support us.

3. Church members with building skills to practically do construction

4. Involve volunteer people with skills to help us in practical aspects of the Church building


Q. How will you demonstrate the success of your aims?

There will be at least half acre piece of land with 500-members capacity church building plus constructed offices.

Q. What long term changes will your project have? How will you demonstrate their success?

The Church will be able to save rental money to train missionaries to be sent into other parts of the world. The Church Sanctuary will be able to carry the increasing number of members. Community development projects such as orphans, water, relief, etc will be efficiently done due to office facilities available.

The vision is to provide a centre similar to this one

in the picture below.


Q. What risks could affect this project? How have you dealt with these risks?

Lack of sufficient funds. We are asking people and organizations from all walks of life to support us. We also ask any volunteers with any construction skills to subsidize the costs by offering their skilled man-power.

Q. How will you report to donors?

I will report in accordance with the donors' monitoring and evaluation standards. I will also send regular emails. Our Mission International blog will also avail updated information.


Q. What is the fundraising target of your project?


Q. Please break down your target into specific costs

    • Purchase Half acre piece of land £10,000

    • Construction of 500-member Sanctuary £11000

    • Construction of Church offices £5000

    • Church land, Church Building, Church offices £25,000

Q. Have you already received funding / pledges for this project?



Q. Tell us about the location of your project

e.g. population, wealth of the area, recent history, etc.

Narok town and its immediate environs population is about 80,000 people who are mainly 65% youth and jobless. The main inhabitants are the nomadic pasturalists called the Maasai people. Narok County has about 1 million people. It is located in the great Rift Valley on the South West of Kenya. Livestock keeping and wheat, maize and beans farming take place here.

Q. Who will benefit from your project?

Maasai poor people, unevangelized people, youth, women, men, orphans, widows, poor and uneducated, and the general population. Our veterinary programmes will benefit all the livestock population. Water projects and farming projects will up lift poor people in general population.

Why Us?

Q. Why is your charity best placed to carry out this project?

PFJIM partners in the UK, Mission International runs a successful similar project in Burundi and near Kampala in Uganda. The Kenyan partners have succesfully run a similar Church project in 2010. PFJIM is well able to administer this project.

Q. Tell us about the people who will make the project a success.

    • Hugh Henderson - International Director - Mission International Scotland UK

    • Pastor Tom Opiyo - Senior pastor - People For Jesus International Ministries Kenya

    • Elder Lesiamon Turere - Administrator - People For Jesus International Ministries Kenya