Income generation

Small grants:

To be able to support poor families we need to be able to give them some capital funding in the form of a small grant of £100 - £1000 to allow poor families to begin a small business

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Rice production:

Experience has told us that a small grant of £300 to initiate a rice production project can really benefit a poor family, allowing them to start producing their own crop and in turn a profit from which they can re-seed as well as provide some support for their family.

The grant will allow the family to:

    • Purchase suitable tools.

    • Purchase seeds.

    • Rent a piece of land.

    • Provide water for their growing crop.

    • Provide care for the growing crop in terms of weeding and fertilisers.

    • Harvest their crop.

    • Transport their harvested crop to market.

The pictures show

(top left) rice growing near Kisumu,

(bottom left) a team harvesting rice,

(top right) threshing rice



1. Wheat farming

2. Beans/Maize/Corn plus other farming activities

3. Small Scale Businesses such as sale of vegetables which need about £30-- £300 capital per person to begin and become self-sufficient. There are many varieties of Small-Scale Businesses to choose from.

4. Livestock farming as income generating activities e.g goats keeping, poultry keeping, cows keeping, bee and fish keeping, etc

5. Initiate light industrial/manufacturing or processing plants, e.g tissue paper making etc.

6. Developing other income generating activities in small or in large scale