A Maasai Home:

The Maasai are a semi-nomadic people and will move around the wider area to find grazing and water for their animals. Their homes are built from cow dung and are traditionally built by the women of the community.

Poor housing for many:

Not all of those served by People for Jesus have a safe, secure home in which they can live however, many people are only able to rent slum-type dwellings in the local towns where they are required to pay high rents and are often evicted if the rent is not paid or a higher bidder comes along. Others live in village homes which often fall victim to heavy rains or high winds which feature regularly in tropical areas.

You can help us build homes for the poor:

For as little as 62,500 Kenya Shillings or £500 or $850 it is possible to provide a simple shelter which will release people from the trap that they find themselves in and will allow them to use their meagre resources to regroup and rebuild their lives.