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People for Jesus International Ministries

This Christian ministry is based in Narok, Kenya, East Africa.


The purpose of this ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people around the world from the youngest to the oldest.

Background Information:

People For Jesus Ministry (PFJM) (formerly known as People For Jesus International Ministries (PFJIM)) was founded in Narok North District by pastor Tom Opiyo and his wife in February 2006. Pastor Tom Opiyo is a missionary who has calling in areas of Church planting, teaching/discipleship, pastoral ministries, church leadership, evangelism, and outreach ministries such as orphans/vulnerable children support/care, etc. I (pastor Tom) also believe in discipling and empowering church members in their different areas of call, giftedness, potential and need so that we have a mature Christian community where all serve God without any hindrances. PFJM is a Kenyan indigenous founded church/ministry that is striving to establish church ministries locally, nationally and internationally. Currently, the headquarters is at Narok town within the Republic of Kenya. In Kenya, we are a duly registered Church Ministry with the Kenya Government. The PFJM current branches are Narok town central church, Olooltoto Maasai village Narok church, Kajiado fellowship, Kisumu Nyamkebe church, Kisumu Nyakach Church, Eldoret Church, Pakistan fellowship, and Republic of Tanzania church in Morogoro province.

PFJM currently has the following Churches/ministries;

1. Narok Town Church,

2. Olooltoto Village Church in Narok,

3. Kisumu East district Church in Nyamkebe village in Kenya,

4. Tanzania Morogoro Church ,

5. Pakistan Fellowship Church.

6. Eldoret Church in Huruma area

7. Nyakach district Church in Nyakach

8. Fellowships in Nairobi and Kajiado and other places.

PFJM plans to establish Churches/ministries in the following places;

1. South Sudan

2. Liberia

3. India

4. Other parts of Kenya and around the world as God leads and as God enables us to raise more leaders in Church.

We also trust God for provision.

As has been mentioned, we have partners in many parts of the world for the sake of proclaiming Christ in all the nations.


1. Penetrate the unreached and marginalized areas of Kenya , Africa and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Plant biblically sound churches in Kenya and beyond in which Christians worship God freely in truth and in the spirit.

3. Work with churches, church related programs, and other organizations that share same vision and mission.

4. Mobilize resources for social action in developing needy communities.

5. Mobilize the church for missions and missionary work locally, nationally and internationally.

6. Send called and well trained Christians into service in different areas of call and service.

7. Give financial support to missionaries, ministers and Christian workers/servants.

8. Establish and run academic and theological learning institutions, schools, colleges and universities. Strive to support and sponsor children, students and pupils who are unable to continue with their education for whatever reasons related to lack of funds/lack of educational resources.

9. Establish and run community-based institutions such as health clinics, hospitals, orphanages, widows care/support, e.t.c.