Child Sponsorship

Please consider sponsoring a child with People for Jesus International Ministries:

Many children in Africa live in deep poverty and as such are in need of help from others. People for Jesus International Ministries seeks to link donors and sponsors with needy children and families in East Africa in order that the support provided can benefit them in their various areas of their life including education and health care.

A sponsored child will receive the following support:

    1. Food

    2. Clothing, including a school uniform

    3. Housing a contribution to the family's rent/housing costs

    4. Education - School fees

    5. Medical - basic medical support

*To fully sponsor a child requires 2,500 Kenya Shillings/month or £20/month or $35/month

*To part sponsor a child starts at 625 Kenya Shillings/month or £5/month or $8.50/month

Sponsorship (donation) forms can be found on our partner websites:

* These are approximate conversions and will depend on currency rates.