Secretary Duties
The Secretary needs to be able to read and write.
In the meeting: The secretary calls the roll call and marks down if members are there or absent. Some chapters have the members introduce them selves instead of calling roll. If your chapter has introductions, the secretary should check off the names as people introduce them selves.
The secretary reads the minutes of the last meeting.
The secretary takes notes of what happened in the meeting. These notes are called the minutes of the meeting.
If the president and the vice president are absent, the secretary leads the meeting . The secretary needs to know the parts of the meeting and how to lead the vote.
The secretary goes to the officer's meeting and helps plan the agenda for the chapter meeting.
The secretary goes to the chapter meetings. If he or she is not able to go, he or she should let the president know before the meeting so someone else can take over the secretary's place.
the secretary should keep a list of the chapter members, there addresses and phone numbers.
The secretary helps in the meeting when needed or asked.