President's Duties

The president is the one that leads the meetings.

In a meeting:

The president opens the meeting.

The  president asks the secretary to take Roll call or has everyone introduce themselves.

The president asks the secretary to read the minutes of the last meeting.


               The president asks the treasurer to give the treasurer's report.


The president  leads  the  talk  about old  business.

The president leads the talk about, new business.

The president introduces the program for the meeting.

The president adjourns the meeting (closes the meeting).

    When there is voting the president guides the voting.

The president goes to

the officer's meeting to

help plan the agenda for

the chapter meeting.

The president goes to the

chapter meetings. If he or she is

 not  able  to  go  he  or  she  should  let 

the  vice president  know   before   the 

 meeting so the vice president

 can lead the meeting.


The president has the other officer’s help in the meeting. The president sees that someone goes to regional meetings, core
group meetings and conventions to speak for the chapter.