In Loving Memory


Nicky Fabyunkey


   Poem Donated by: Sue from Heaven's Roll Call

Poem is private and not to be copied with out permission from sue.

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Nickalet Carmella Fabyunkey was born on June 11th 1972 in the in the county of Santa Clara California. Nicky had a large family, (Mother, Sister's and Nieces & Ca.Nephews). Nicky and her family had just moved in to there home in Potter Valley Nicky was 36 year old and a strong supporter of Self- Advocates. She held numerous offices at the Ukiah People First. She also was on the Board of representatives for People First of California (Region 1 Rep.). Nicky was also involved with the PFCA Self-Determination and IPP buddy System. Nicky also helped with the Ukiah People First Web Site.

          On June 6th threw the 8th 2008 Nicky helped with the 2008 Convention held in Sacramento Ca. We all had a really good time! Even tho Nicky had just returned from this trip and to have a birthday she was still planning for her next trip. Nicky was so active in her Community!

          To our best friend, our mentor, our daughter, our Sister, we will surely miss you! For those of us who ask why Nicky: I think if she was here she would simply say I have taught you all well and that I’m need elsewhere! So remember: Together we can do anything!  Remember the good time we all had with Nicky! by Debby


Photo's of Nicky Fabyunkey & Freinds

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