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Aikido is a Japanese martial art. The founder wished it to be an art developing peace and harmony; a martial art, but one going beyond merely fighting.

There are some schools which interpret that wish as changing to sport or meditation, but at the Penzance club we practice a fairly traditional form of Aikido, and our first priority (after having fun) is the martial aspect and an emphasis on practical self defence.

Because Aikido is non-competitive, you are able to practice at a pace which suits you; if you want fitness, aikido will keep you fit, but it is also possible to take things very gently.

That being said, Aikido really gets to be a LOT of fun when you have learned to roll and can enjoy flying from one end of the mat to the other (and landing well) when you are thrown.

Aikido emphasizes throws and joint locks, so it is not, unless modified, suitable for children (whose joints are still developing); our classes are therefore for adults (approx 16+).

Just outside Penzance, Cornwall, at the Marazion Community Centre, Shop Hill

This is to the east of Marazion village centre ... you can find it by following the main road through Marazion and turning inland (up shop hill) opposite the 'Fire Engine' pub. The community centre is near the top of the hill on the right (opposite the football pitch).
Find it on Google Maps.

Training times

Wednesday19:00 to 21:45 Mixed ability
Friday19:00 to 21:45 Advanced (phone first)


Mat fees are £5.00 per night (or £15.00 for four successive sessions paid in advance).

Annual membership fee is £20.00
This provides club membership, Shin Gi Tai membership, and British Aikido Board (BAB) membership.
Importantly, this provides personal insurance in case you accidentally injure someone, so filling in and signing the membership form is essential for training.


Christian (Chris) Scheding, 5th Dan (01736 719118)
Richard Frith-Macdonald, 4th Dan (01209 832052)

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