Roles and Responsibilities

The P.A.T. Executive Board (also known as the E-Board) is comprised of four officers: The President, The Vice-President(s), The Secretary, the Treasurer, and up to ten Building Representatives (also known as Building Reps.). 

The Building Representative is elected every two years and is a crucial link between the officers of the Association and the members. The Building Representatives convey the membership's thoughts, feelings, desires, and expectations to the Association officers, and the in turn relay to the membership the priorities and programs of the Association. It is a critical and important role in a local union. 
MTA's Association Representative Handbook

The President of the Association is elected every year and is the link between the local Association and the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA). The president shares the state level priorities and programs of MTA with local members. The president is the primary guardian of the contract, and the contact person between the school administration and the Association, and the Association and MTA. She/he attends MTA president's meetings, MTA committee meetings, contacts the Association's Uni-serve Rep and MTA legal, and runs local Executive Board meetings. 

The Vice-President(s) is elected every year and assists the president in their roles and responsibilities.  Vice-Presidents also assist the  
building representatives with building level issues that arise. 

The Secretary is elected every year and takes notes at Executive Board meetings and then prepares the meeting minutes for distribution. The Secretary is the communication link between the President and the rest of the E-board. 

The Treasurer is elected every year and manages the Association's finances and membership. The Treasurer manages local and MTA membership, manages the financial records including pays bills, taxes, and communicates with the accountant. 

If you would like to find out more on the daily duties of the job of a union representative and/or run for an office, please contact Maria Gray at 1-603-828-3585 or

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