The PAT Bargaining Team concluded a successful extended bargaining session yesterday, 5/3, and will return to the table on Wednesday, May 10th. Good progress continues to be made.


The PAT Bargaining Team concluded today's meeting with the District  having once again made  continued progress.  Salary, compensation and provisional language and proposals will continue to fill the agendas for our upcoming scheduled meetings on May 3rd, May 10th and May 15th. 
We look forward to completing our important work together on behalf of our Association members.

                                            NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE April 5, 2017

The Bargaining team members had a productive meeting this evening with the full school committee in executive session. We continue to make progress and will reconvene on Thursday, April 6th. Our discussion continues to address compensatory specifics. We will keep you posted following our next scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 11th.

                                          NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE March 6, 2017

The Bargaining team participated in 3 separate sessions this past week.  A majority of contract concerns and language revisions were addressed.  Additional compensation components, as well as salary, also continue to be discussed.  We are making marked progress in completing our list of proposal items for consideration.
The PAT will meet with the District to continue bargaining on Wed. Mar. 8th and Thurs. Mar. 16th. We will continue to update you.


Our Bargaining Team completed our last session of discussions ahead of vacation, and will resume negotiations on the following dates; Feb. 27 and  Mar. 1st (PAT only), Mar. 2 and Mar. 8 (PAT and District), Mar. 16 (PAT and District).  As you can see, we have a full schedule in the coming weeks as we work to complete compensation and other priority agenda items within our respective proposals.  

                                         NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE  February 9, 2017

The Bargaining Team met today, 2/8, to review draft proposals ahead of our next meeting before February break on 2/15. The team is working on budgetary numbers and associated contractual language. Our meeting next week is comprised of two parts - meeting of  Association committee members for the purpose of proposal edits, and our full committee meeting with the District to review edits and exchange latest draft information.

The P.A.T Bargaining Team members have been in contract talks since October. Data continues to be gathered, shared and considered. The Association and District met on Tuesday, January 24th.  We continue to discuss compensation, salary and budgetary impact proposals. Our next scheduled meeting will be Wednesday,February 8th, for the purpose of reviewing proposed compensation and additional agenda items.  Following this, we will again convene to bargain on Wednesday, February 15th. 


The Association and District met on Monday, Jan.9th for the purpose of discussing compensation, salary and budgetary impact proposals. The Bargaining Team will next meet on January 18th to consider compensation and other agenda items ahead of our meeting with the district, which will take place on January 24, 2017.  Additional upcoming bargaining sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, February 8th and Wednesday, February 15th.

NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE  December 15, 2016

The Association and District met to continue discussing compensation, salary and budgetary impact. We
will reconvene on January 9th.  Attached are informative narratives regarding the Health Insurance Savings and the Stabilization Fund.  We thought the membership would appreciate this information.

                                                  NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE  Nov. 29, 2016

The Association and District met to begin discussing compensation, salary and budgetary impact. We
will reconvene on Monday, Dec. 5th.  Upcoming bargaining sessions are scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 15th
and Monday, January 9th.

The P.A.T Bargaining Committee met with the Superintendent and Business Manager on Thursday, Nov. 10th.  Each P.A.T Committee member shared some insight regarding member survey feedback, and outlined high priority items.  Our P.A.T Bargaining Committee members will next meet on Thursday, Nov. 17th.

Our confirmed upcoming Bargaining Meeting dates are as follows;

Tuesday, 11/29
Monday, 12/5
Thursday, 12/15


          The Negotiating Process:

Each October in the school calendar year prior to the current contract end date, representatives from the school committee, the Association, and the Superintendent begin interest based bargaining in order to develop a successor agreement. Each representative confers with their respective stakeholder groups before negotiations begin. All parties then review contract language to determine if wording should be omitted, corrected, amended, or left alone. At the first meeting, procedural ground rules are discussed and agreed upon. All parties also agree at this time that all proceedings will be confidential unless otherwise specified. Generally 3 or 4 meetings are scheduled in advance. When actual negotiations begin, each side presents their proposed changes or amendments to the contract. Each side then has an opportunity to discuss and research what was presented. After which time, changes can be accepted, denied, or amended. This process continues until consensus is reached. A tentative agreement is then drafted and changes are brought back to the stakeholders for feedback. If no further changes are necessary, a ratification vote is taken by members in accordance with the Association bylaws. The last step is for the School Committee to formally approve provisions for the new contract.

History of Salary Increases

Jennifer Barlow,
Jan 30, 2017, 5:17 PM
Jennifer Barlow,
Jan 30, 2017, 5:17 PM