Grievance Procedure

Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs in today's society, and sometimes members can approach a Building Representative demanding a grievance be filed on their behalf.  A grievance is an official statement of complaint regarding a violation of the contract, and there is a formal procedure that must be employed when the contract has been violated.  


First, complete the front side of the  member concerns form and give it to your building's union representative. You and the building representative will then meet with the building principal to resolve the issue. It's very important to have documentation so please keep a log of dates and times, and ask an administrator to email you any requests in writing.  

If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily at the building level then the Building Rep brings the issue to Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee

 Maria Gray, Bagnall

W: 978-372-8856 x 315

C: 603-828-3585

 Rachael Costello, High School

W: 978-363-5507 x 199

H: 207-439-1075 (after 6:00pm)

The Grievance committee reviews the contract and may make a decision to pursue issue.

If the committee deems the issue “grievable” the issue then goes to Superintendent and/or school committee

If issue is still not handled satisfactorily, then it goes to arbitration.

Member to Member Issues

The Pentucket Association of Teachers does not handle issues that arise between staff members. These issues are personnel issues, and are handled by the building administration, however, we strongly encourage you to find an impartial colleague to help mediate the issue before the conflict gets to the administration. If the conflict rises to the the level of harassment, then the District's Harassment Policy would be implemented.