The teaching profession is regularly prone to funding crises as schools depend on state and municipal funding. In the event of teacher layoffs, called a Reduction in Force (RIF), a strict protocol is adhered to. The chart below shows a simplified info-graphic on the protocol, but the process is far from simple. Often staff members will attempt to calculate whom they could bump within their building or grade level, but It's important to remember that the bumping protocol applies to all staff members district wide. There could potentially be an 8th grade teacher who is also certified to teach 1st grade. Teachers fall in love with their teaching assignments, but one must remember that as employees we are only guaranteed a job, not the position our hearts desire. 

Additionally Article XXX.d. of the PAT contract now states..."If the Committee decides to reduce the number of teachers with professional status, area of competence, major and minor fields of study, quality of teaching performance and experience will be considered. When the aforementioned considerations are equal, seniority will prevail.

Should any individual circumstance need specific clarification please contact the Association President, Maria Gray at  1-603-828-3585 or gray@prsd.org.