Agency Fee

First, as a union representative we advise against agency fee which provides no protection. The security of MTA legal services are worth their weight in gold considering this litigious society, and the increase in mental illness and instability of our students and parents.

 However, The P.A.T.’s (Pentucket Association of Teachers) contract does include an Agency Fee for all staff not choosing to become members of the teacher’s Association. The reason for this is that all teachers whether they are members of the Association or not benefit from the union contract and activities (i.e. negotiations of pay scale, # sick days, # personal days, 403B matching contributions, course reimbursement, and all decisions by the Labor Relation Board, and the grievance procedure, etc.)

 This is how agency fee works: you must give a sixty day notice to withdraw from the Association prior to the start of the next school year. Agency Fee is calculated in February and letters are sent as soon as the MTA/NEA explanation booklet is available usually by the end of February. Once you receive the letter, you have six months to pay the agency fee in full by check. Failure to pay the agency fee within the six months will result in termination as agency fee is a subject of employment.

By terminating your membership with the Pentucket Association of Teachers and thus the MTA/NEA you will not be eligible to use P.A.T. representative’s services including advice or presence at any meetings, neither are you eligible to receive MTA legal services if an issue should arise, nor will you be eligible for any MTA benefit services.