Penshurst War Memorial

Penshurst War Memorial





The War Memorial erected in Penshurst by the late R. B. Ritchie Esq., of “Blackwood,” Penshurst, in 1919 commemorates the names of those from within the Shire of Mount Rouse who paid the supreme sacrifice in the First World War, 1914-18.

Following the 1939-45 World War, those from within the Shire who lost their lives on war service were added to the Memorial.









Their names are as follows:- 1914-1918

Lieut. N. J. Greig (Rec. for V.C.)                                                                             Pte. E. L. Jewell MM.

Lieut. (A.Capt.) R. B. Ritchie M.C.                                                                          Pte. E. Jewell

Lieut. F. O’C. Twomey                                                                                            Pte. A. A. Kent

Sgt. A. B. Arnel M.M.                                                                                              Pte. M. Kinnealy

Sgt. W. R. Grayson D.C.M.                                                                                      Pte. R. Langley

Sgt. D. Kelly Ment. in D.                                                                                           Pte. R. Lee

Sgt. F. J. Olle                                                                                                            Pte. G. E. Looker

Cpl. N. Lee M.M.                                                                                                     Pte. W. H. Luke

L.Cpl. R. C. G. Greig M.M.                                                                                      Pte. F. A. Mereweather

L.Cpl. C. Sharrock                                                                                                    Pte. H. Munt

Pte. E. Ballinger                                                                                                         Pte. L. G. Myers

Pte. N. F. H. Beggs                                                                                                   Pte. P. J. McGloin

Pte. A. J. Bowman                                                                                                     Pte. B. McKay

Pte. C. Brady                                                                                                             Pte. J. A. McLaughlan

Pte. P. Brady                                                                                                              Pte. O. K. McLennan

Pte. A. Cameron                                                                                                         Pte. G. McKenna

Pte. Dd. Cameron                                                                                                       Pte. J. I. McKenna

Pte. D. Cameron                                                                                                         Pte. P. H. O’Brien

Pte. J. Cameron                                                                                                           Pte. W. E. Quilt M.M.

Pte. M. A. Carey                                                                                                         Pte. E. Y. W. Simmons

Pte. W. Clark                                                                                                             Pte. L. W. Smith

Pte. D. Collins                                                                                                             Pte. T. Salter

Pte. G. F. Conboy                                                                                                       Pte. F. C. S. Thacker

Pte. R. Cook                                                                                                               Pte. R. Wallen

Pte. A. W. Dark                                                                                                         Pte. G. A. Webb

Pte. H. G. Dark                                                                                                          Pte. T. White

Pte. C. Dodds                                                                                                            Pte. R. Williams

Pte. L. Duckmanton                                                                                                    Pte. J. E. Williams

Pte. F. H. Fisher                                                                                                        Pte. M. W. Williams

Pte. C. J. Gunn                                                                                                          Pte. T. Williams

Pte. G. T. Guinea M.M.                                                                                              Pte. F. Williams

Pte. J. L. Guinea                                                                                                         Pte. J. H. Williams

Pte. I. L. Gillahan                                                                                                        Pte. T. C. Wilson

Pte. A. Hayes                                                                                                             Pte. T. Womersley

Pte. L. Hustler                                                                                                             Pte. J. Womersley

Pte. H. Holt                                                                                                                Pte. E. Womersley

Pte. W. Hunt

The Names of the World War Two Servicemen 


Spr. J. C. Baulch

Flt.-Sgt. R. J. Dickie

A.C.W. H. V. R. Henry

Pte. C. H. Jewell

Pte. A. Keane

Pte. K. B. McLeod

Gnr. J. R. McLeod

Pte. C. P. Nicholson

Dvr. J. D. O’Leary

Pte. H. A. Quinlivian

Pte. A. B. Schultz

Dvr. E. A. L. Scott

Pte. S. R. Thomas

Pte. M. T. Waller

Pte. W. Whitehead

L.A.C. C. G. Wilson.

Reference: Centenary Celebrated 1966