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Penomet is a great penis pump that really work,Penomet Official sold Over Five thousand Items Sold In Just 72 Hours when it first launch on the Market.If you decide to choose penomet,I also offer you the discount link of Penomet that can save you more than $160 easily,you can found the coupon code or discount information with the link I attached.

First let's watch a Penomet Video from youtube,to learn what's penomet and how it work:

Penomet Review Video on youtube

From the attached penomet video,you will get the overview of Penomet.In fact,Penomet is known as a penile pump which has advanced to give customers what exactly they desire,it's resulted in the development of an unique penis pump that actually departs almost every other rival gadget with the shadows!

What's stand out on this hydro penile pump is the 5-in-1 enhancement technique. Consumers of comparable gadgets offered on the market would have to get a new one when they would like to carry penile enlargement into a advanced level. With Penomet you basically have Five penile pumps in one. Therefore, if you wish to take the results to a different level, you simply need to switch the gaiter at end of the water pump and you've got a pump with increased stress for better enhancement outcomes as well as increases.

Second,Let's learn how does Penomet work,If you miss the Penomet video,you can learn how it work following,Here I attached the origin text from Penomet Official site:

For the best results Penomet should be used with water; conventional air vacuum pumps compress and expand air without enlarging the penis equally resulting in enlargement of some areas but not others.

Penomet overcomes this issue by using water to provide equal volume and pressure within the cylinder.

Due to the unique design of Penomet, when compression of the pump stops, the non-return valve at the end of the cylinder closes and the gaiter expands – this results in pressure being applied equally to the penis.

Unlike other penis pumps on the market, Penomet is truly unique in its design – offering 5 interchangeable gaiters that allow you to gradually and safely increase the pressure of the device – users can achieve gains of up to 65% faster when compared to using a pump with a fixed, one gaiter setting.

The Steps to use Penomet Pump:

Penomets have been made to be simple to apply. Adhere to all six of these basic steps and you’ll expect to utilize your Penomet gadget within just A minute!It doesn’t have any simpler as compared to this…

1.Select a removable stress gaiter -- we’d recommend beginning with the crimson 60 gaiter or one you've with the lowest setting

2.Attach the chosen gaiter on the main Penomet cylinder

3.Use the Penomet over the penis (in either the bath, bathtub or perhaps alone) and lightly push the Penomet several times till the machine seal is made.

4.Take a rest and re-pump every jiffy if required for 15-20 min's

5.To eliminate the Penomet or to relieve stress, lightly push the device at the end of the actual Penomet tube to the side.

6.As you grow more experienced, make use of the stronger gaiters for improve stress.

View the results in just Fifteen minutes! Try one out today and find out how Penomet improve your life!

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Before you buy Penomet,You will ask the questions,does Penomet really work,Is there any feedbacks.With the question,I searched lots of information on the internet,Here I quotes some text from those forum,Here is the details:

Penomet Penis Pump Multi-Gaiter System - Penis Enlargment with Penomet

Progressive Length and Girth Gains

The Penomets exclusive Iinterchangable Gaiter System does not limit the gains you can make
in size. As you get larger and larger you will need increased intensity. With the FIVE (5) increasingly intense Gaiters you will always have the added power you will need. This progressive system will constantly be pushing you into larger and larger gains.
Instant Size when you need it!

No other device can deliver instant, useable size after one use. The Penomet can do just that! After only ONE session your penis will be noticeably bigger, thicker and heavier…in some cases up to an inch in one session! That means you can use the Penomet 15 minutes before sex and be noticeably longer and thicker. Your partner will notice a difference in size that night! How exciting is that?
Progressive Professional Routines

We offer multiple routines that you can follow that will help you make gains fast and safe. Each routine offers more intensity than the next so to make the best gains, follow the entire system! You will quickly see yourself grow as you apply technology with knowledge. As you go through each phase you will find new growth through progressive, smart routines. We take the guess work out of gaining.
Patented hydraulic technology

Penomet is the only product in the world using patented hydraulic technology, the most advanced, effective, comfortable, safest and fastest way to get penis growth on the market without expensive, dangerous overnight surgery.
Stronger, Bigger Erections

The Penomet draws freshly oxygenated blood directly into the corpora Cavernosa by it's powerful suction. Nothing is better for harder erections than highly oxygenated blood. This not only maximizes penile fitness but the massive increase in blood flow also brings the biggest erections possible.
Heavier, Longer, Thicker Flaccid Size

The Penomet increases blood flow through it's amazing hydro pump system. WIth each workout you will notice a longer, thicker, heavier flaccid penis. Many men may see a double in flaccid size!
Bigger Head (Glans)

With the highly concentrated, powerful pressure of the Penomet you can use special, secret wrapping techniques to increase the size of your head and create that mushroom shape that is so desirable. A big throbbing head is one of the most desirable traits of a penis and the Penomet can make that a reality.
Lasting as Long as You Want in Bed!

The Penomet allows the penis to become very comfortable in a high pressure situation. This means with each use your penis will become more and more able to last longer while having sex. The tube allows you to practice staying power as it makes you penis longer and thicker.
Shorter Refractory Periods!

The Penomet has the ability to bring back an erection, after you have had an orgasm, very quickly. Most men have one orgasm and they are done for the night, with the Penomet you can literally "pump it up" in as soon as 5 minutes after orgasm!
Curvature and Peyronies Correction

The Penomet draws very clean, equal pressure throughout the tube forcing the penis to be in a straight position as the Penomet is working. This slowly corrects curvature by gently forcing the erectile tissue into a straight position. After some time users can see a complete correction in curvature.
Balancing Uneven Penis Shape

Many men have a penis that is thin at the bottom and thick at the top or thick at the bottom and thin at the top and every variation in between. This is something most men think they have to live with. The Penomet, with it's balanced, powerful vacuum fills all spaces along the shaft with fresh, highly oxygenated blood. This blood pressure is very stable and equal thorough-out the tube, allowing the penis to become even from base to tip.
Stronger, More Powerful Orgasms

What man doesn't want bigger, more powerful loads? This is all about erection strength and the Penomet increase erection quality by an amazing amount. Using the Penomet with our amazing penile, muscle secrets will give you the ability to shoot bigger loads with further distance.

What are the expected gains?

penomet vs bathmate
There is no limit on the gains you can make with the Penomet. After the first session you will see a remarkable, temporary gain in length and girth. Of course, over time, these gains become permanent. Dedicated users can expect up to 3+" in length and more than a 50% increase in girth. Some users have seen an inch gain in girth and length in the first month!
The Penomet is similar to weight training. If you go to the gym once, your body won't really look any different, other than pumped for show. Your body is not getting a real change. If you to the gym 3 or 4 times a week you will start seeing changes that stay with you.
The Penomet is an exerciser and developer and after only one session you will notice a difference. In a couple of weeks you'll really start to notice bigger and bigger size. The first thing you'll notice is your thickness and length, the flaccid state will become much heavier, longer and thicker as the pressure from the Penomet opens your Corpora Cavernosa tubes and makes them bigger, i.e. holds more blood.
Generally, after between 1 to 3 months, the length will start increasing anywhere from half an inch upwards and the more you use it the fatter and longer your penis will appear.

Penomet Standard
The Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump
365 Day Money Back Guarantee
Access to Silver Support
Discreet Shipping and Billing
Free access to My Penomet
1 Year Warranty
List Price: 169 USD
Discount: 42 USD
Price: 127 USD

Penomet Extra
The Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump
365 Day Money Back Guarantee
Access to Gold Support
Discreet Shipping and Billing
Free Access to My Penomet
Two extra Gaiters Force 65 & 75
Lifetime Gaiter Replacement
2 Years Warranty
List Price: 288 USD
Discount: 91 USD
Price: 197 USD

Penomet Premium
Everything as Penomet Extra plus;
Lifetime Platinum Support
Three bottles of GunOil SHINE
Discreet Shipping and Billing
All Penomet Gaiters, including Force 60, Force 65, Force 75 and the exclusive Force 80 Extreme Workout Gaiter.
3 Years Warranty
List Price: 457 USD
Discount: 160 USD
Price: 297 USD

There're lots kinds of penile pumps on the market if you are  looking to get one, however are they really worthwhile? Which type should you choose.Today,the overview of the pump of "Penomet" will give you answer:I also found a Penomet vs bathmate post on the forum of mattersofsize,Here is the quote details:

Penomet vs. Bathmate Vacuum Test Results

First of all Merry Christmas and Happy new year! I got a call earlier this morning informing me of the test done by SGS Laboratories on air vacuum. Here are the results:

Penomet Standard (Force 70 Gaiter) = 1.39 psi = 95.8 mbar (Tested) <----- Winner!
Bathmate Hercules = 1.10 psi = 75.8 mbar (Tested)

If we take Ultramax claims that the X30 is 30% stronger, the PSI and mbar would be:

Hydromax X30 = 1.43 PSI or 98.54 mbar (Not tested, calculated from Hydromax claims)

On a side note, Bathmate Hercules lost pressure at a double the rate than Penomet according to the SGS Laboratories test personal.

I have permission to post the documentation here on the forum from my boss once the Certificate is in house for anyone to read.

Also,I Read a hot post on the forum of pegym.It main discuss kinds of penis enlargement methods and unit,Lots of people compare the penomet with bathmate,and I copied some origin review from the forum,Belows are some of the penomet feedbacks.hope that help you!

I received the penomet a week ago. Had the hercules for about a year and a half, but the past
penomet review
few months the gaiter was REALLY digging in and leaving marks. Penomet fits a much bigger girth. At least 7 inches I would say. About the same length as the hercules. I love the penomet and would highly recommend it. Valve system on it blows the hercules away, and the different strength gaiters are great.


I just received my Penomet pump set and have been comparing to my BMH & BMG. Girth wise it's a good in between with my BMH girth at just over 6" and the Penomet at 7.5 and the Goliath still king at close to 8" lol. Waiting on some pump sleeves as it is ruff on the base skin. The pump is different then my Hercules but the expansion is cool just uncomfortable at the base so I'm looking at a few options. So far I like it, I have a few in use pics on my profile of the BMH, BMG and the Penomet


The Penomet pump does feel different then either BMH or BMG. I was hoping for a mid sized tube when the new Bathmate came out but it is similar in size to the Hercules with a new pump and comfort ring. The penomet works for me as a mid sized unit for me as the girth is just over 7.5" compared to the Hercules just over 6.0"


Penomet size is better and their valve system is far superior. Bathmate has a more comfortable base and never allowed any air leaks for me, the penomet doesn't secure as tightly to the skin in my experience. If only you guys made the x30 bigger, then I would have been a repeat customer.

Edit: To be fair I haven't tried the X30 valve system, but penomet's kicks the crap out of the hercules's valve


Hello 3t3p, you can do stretches with the Penomet pump like a Bathmate pump. I cannot answer to the differences of the two types of valves but the pull does not feel as strong but I get great expansion with my penomet. I do own both bathmates BMH & BMG and have done side by side comparisons between the three. I can get to full vacuum in my penomet sooner then my BM units if that helps.


The Penomet hydro pump is light-years away from the competition, leveraging cutting edge technology. It is made, unlike any other pump from only medical grade materials. "Our manufacturing process has also been awarded ISO Medical Certification 13450:2003 and our company is fully ISO 9001:2009 certified as well".


penomet before and after
OMFG...... what a joke firstly Penomet is Agust Beaumont you know that weird cunt who runs UPLd the people who used to retail Bathmate online..... Thats why the gaiter looks the same as the Hydromax Gaiter cos he stole the design which may i point out holds a patent so the penomet wont be on the market that long.... Also do some investigating check peoples comments...

Penomets gaiter has already cut some poor cunt, its that sharp (no foam padding or comfort pad)... UM Products Ltd the manufacturers of bathmate got a Penomet to do some product testing... it was a good day as the piece of junkfailed most of the compression tests its suctions half that of the hydromax (Video proof will be uploaded shortly)....

Guys I aint gunna bag your head into what to or not to buy but look at the evidence... UM Products Ltd has been around for years its part of the Ultramax Group of companies that have made some really quality thinks over the years they have a lot of financial backing so are able to spend lots on product development and testing to ensure u guys get the highest quality gear....

Agust Beaumont on the other hand is a back street Gay porn director who took a great product to thailands back streets and got some dodgy two bit company to reproduce a hydropump he calls Penomet.... its quality is shit its parts are sharp and dangerous

Basically its a thumbs down.... oh as for the ISO medical certification WHAT EVER... believe thatbollocks when I see it!!!


if you are smart you will do what most of us did buy a cheap pump sleeve, this cures any comfort issues truly not that big of a deal. on top of this penoment allows long pump session with little to no fluid retention. i have personal don 35 min with no real fluid build up. i review the penoment and the pm pro in my thread best 2 devices as well as comparison between Bathmate x30. the x30 is good but penoment is better.

At last,Let me share you more penomet and penis pump video to learn more about it.Good Luck!

YouTThe Hydropump Bathmate | Penis Pump System Science results

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