Penny Schwinn

Sacramento County Board of Education

Principal / Teacher / Parent


Education is my life’s work.  As a classroom teacher, a coach, a principal, and a parent, I know that education is the foundation from which we build strong, solid communities. As a classroom teacher, I saw the direct impact of policy decisions on my students. As a principal, I work with teachers, families and the community to support the learning occurring every day in our classrooms.

I have worked in the private sector, forging partnerships between business and schools.  I have the experience to protect our valuable taxpayer dollars to ensure every dollar spent where it is needed most, in the classroom.  I know the value of talented teachers and I believe that we need to make decisions that support strong teaching and ensure that teachers and schools have the resources necessary to educate our children to compete in our global economy.   I also believe that families know their children best and it is critical that we listen to the voice of the community if we are going to build the solid foundation necessary to raise student achievement.

We all know about the problems and challenges facing education. The solution is to reform education by always putting what is best for students first. By working together, we can create safe and effective learning environments, attract the best teachers, increase the role of parents in education and strengthen the connection between our schools and the community.

I’m running for the County Board of Education because I have the experience in schools, the understanding of business, and the lifelong commitment to our children that will be necessary to fight for our kids.

I would be honored to have your support.