Music Workshops

Tailor-made Activities Promoting Health and Happiness

Helping people to relax, take part and have fun

Open to all ages and abilities with any level of musicality

Penny collaborates with professional musicians who are also experienced workshop facilitators. Projects are tailored to meet the needs of the clients.

What do these workshops do?

These informal music sessions enable people to meet in small, friendly groups, where they can de-stress, take their minds off everyday problems for a while and enjoy making music together - for their own pleasure, to experience effortless learning or to improve their health.

Who are they for?

The activities are for you, if you would like to:

  • Meet others
  • Have some fun
  • Create music together
  • Improve social musicianship
  • Experience the benefits of group music-making

We usually cater for informal groups of between 3 and 30 people. You can form your own special group of like-minded people to try something new, or you can arrange for a group of people to meet, who don't necessarily know each other beforehand, but would like to get to know one another better.

How do the workshops work?

Instruments are provided and sessions are tailored to suit each particular group.

Each participant works at their own pace, from within their own comfort zone and has the chance to try out new songs, sing in harmony with others, build exciting rhythms, play new instruments and collectively create relevant, engaging music.

What are the benefits?

People are able to experience the empowering effects of making music together - regardless of their musical background.

Participants are able to gain an increased sense of inclusion, support, self-worth and confidence, at the same time as gaining understanding and developing trust.

Group members are able to relax and enjoy themselves at the same time as being fully aware and focused.

Musical skills and values are shared to help participants learn to recognise patterns, experience the benefits of co-operation, process information, refine communication, develop social skills, re-activate memory processes, train listening skills, gain valuable creative experience and make a personal contribution towards promoting their own health and well-being.

Please get in touch with Penny for more details:

Email: Phone: 01588 620867