Sound Healing Sessions

We use natural sounds to create a relaxing space where inner healing can take place.

Certain sounds have beneficial qualities and we use these to heal and refresh us, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Who are they for?

These sessions are helpful for individuals who would like to relax, de-stress, ease pain or discomfort, speed recovery or generally bring mind, body and spirit into better balance.

What happens?

Sound healing is non-invasive and very relaxing. Voices and acoustic instruments are used to create a calm, supportive atmosphere where the client's body can respond instinctively to the natural sounds made by the sound healer. These involuntary responses result in different parts of the body becoming either soothed or energised and brought into better balance overall. Once in this comfortable state of harmony, the body has a chance to reset to become the best it can be.

How do these sessions help?

You may feel immediate changes, for example, a dramatic easing of pain or tension, or you might notice more subtle improvements in your health or life-circumstances, either straight away or at a later date.

Frequently, clients suddenly discover that some difficulty - perhaps something that had previously been causing a great deal of pain, worry or anxiety - has been effortlessly resolved. A follow-up call is usually made a few days after a treatment and this is often when significant improvements are reported.

Many people experience a good night's sleep following a session and frequently notice a refreshed sense of being connected with, and supported by, the universal life-force that runs through all living things.

Each Sound Healing Session lasts approximately 1 hour and is held by a fully-qualified Sound Healing practitioner, an approved member of the College of Sound Healing


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