I started making photographs and drawings in the late sixties, adding painting in the eighties, and ceramic work in the early nineties. In photography, I did studio work alternating with street photography.I explored different processes including negative solarization, chemical “painting”, hand-coloring, and cyanotype. I am continuing into the digital realm. In ceramics, I make one of a kind art tiles as well as sculpture. I use the surface of the tile like a small piece of blank drawing paper to create a world within the square format not unlike a photographic frame. I draw on the vast reservoir of art history in attempting to call attention to the enduring beauty of the natural world which is under constant threat now throughout the globe.
Expanding on this concern for the environment, I created the book In Love With the Dark in 2011, a hand -bound book containing 4 booklets about an imagined nuclear meltdown in France. In 2016 I continued that theme with a photographic portfolio, In Trinity's Shadow, about the threat of nuclear war and nuclear accidents.
p.b. 6/2016
 photo:  Misako Akimoto, pb with cyanotype alligator

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