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Bear Mountain

The idea of Bear Mountain as a theme for a series of images came from the children's

 ditty: The Bear Went Over The Mountain, which my mother and grandmother both sang

 to me as a child. I decided to adopt the disguise of a bear that might have explored 

the hills up behind my house where I have wandered all my life here in Berkeley. Luckily, it 

is still possible to see towering redwoods, touch ancient rock, hear the rush of creeks 

and the cries of owls and hawks overhead, meet skunks, raccoons, and many other creatures.

One can feel the moisture of the fog being pulled off the ocean by inland heat, and

 discover yet another path or run of steps previously unexplored. I also wanted to show 
not only the visible beauty, but to draw attention to the underlying changes that have 
occurred during my lifetime and beyond, following themes I have addressed in two other
 books: In Trinity's Shadow, and In Love with the dark.
Penny Brogden
Berkeley, 2019