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Welcome to OurLifeOurFaith,

the website of 'Women of Faith'

Women of Faith is a project for young women from any faith, which is based at Salford University.

We are a diverse group from different backgrounds, faiths and cultures and nationalities, united in our position as young women who belong to faith communities in the UK, seeking to get our voices heard in our faith communities and in society.

Together we have shared stories of our journeys and of our experiences, and through a variety of workshops, such as assertivesness training and conflict management, have been developing our skills to take a full place in our faith and local communities.

Part of the project has been to help us get our own authentic voices as Women of Faith living in the UK today heard, challenging stereotypes and preconceptions and opening up wider understanding in our community and society.

We have created this website to share our stories and perspectives with the wider community.

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Our Stories

-Our individuals stories of our journeys of life and faith


-Some useful links if you would like to find out more information about world religions and the sponsoring bodies of the 'Women of Faith' project.

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