Winter 2010: British Literature


ISBN#: 10-ISBN: 1456304291, 13-ISBN: 9781456304294


Pennsylvania Literary Journal: British Literature is a special issue that focuses on examining oppression, rebellion and the structural features in British fiction. Dr. Kelley Wezner writes about the affect of Machiavellian thought on Jonathan Swift. Dr. Mark Zunac discusses human rights and the colonial condition in Mary Robinson. Dr. Victoria Williams researches Dickens’s use of the fairytale-like details and structure in Our Mutual Friend. Dr. Ignacio Ramos Gay talks about Victorian theatrical audience censorship attempting to exclude French theatrical productions from the British stage. Lastly, Dr. Michael Cornelius discusses the suppression of homosexuality from the pages of historical British fiction.


Critical Essays

1 Dr. Kelley Wezner, Directions to Servants and Eighteenth Century Machiavellian Thought
2 Dr. Mark J. Zunac, “An Immediate and Final Separation”: Allegory and the Colonial Condition in Mary Robinson’s The Widow
3 Dr. Victoria Williams, Dickens’ Use of the Fairy Tale in Our Mutual Friend
4 Dr. Ignacio Ramos Gay, Audience Censorship, the French Play and Victorian Theatrical Xenophobia
5 Dr. Michael G. Cornelius, Reconfiguring a Man’s “Place” in History: Space, Sexuality, and Piers Gaveston in Henry Sewell Stokes’ Restormel

Non-Fiction Essays

1 Dr. Douglas King, Chronicle of a Movie Extra: When Background Becomes Foreground
2 Hannah Schurr, Proposal: More Walking, Less Food = Healthier Students


1 Anna Faktorovich, Interview with Professor Margarita Boyers, Executive Editor of Salmagundi Magazine

Fictional Stories

1 Dr. Robert Rosenberg, The Princes’ Island: Excerpt
2 Dr. George Held, The Cloakroom


1 Dr. Mike Berger, Water
2 Dr. Joe Benevento, Joseph Sr.
3 Michelle Cahill, Somewhere, A River
4 Jacob Newberry, Damascus Gate
5 Maria DiLorenzo, A Complaint
6 Mary Stone, After Getting the Mole Removed
The Woman Doing Cartwheels in the Living Room
7 Phillip Ellis, After Recollections of Old Liverpool
8 Peter Bergquist, Chant

Book Reviews

1 Karen L. Shaup, Home Bodies: Tactile Experience in Domestic Space
2 Ronald Berman, Translating Modernism: Fitzgerald and Hemingway 

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