Winter 2009 Issue: Politics and Literature


Politics is at the core of the world’s classics. Many literary theorists from the communism adapted from Karl Marx to the Chicana feminism nurtured by Ana Castillo's are rooted in political science, rather than in a purely textual analysis. Classical and modern authors frequently blend politics with fiction. Alexander Dumas and William Shakespeare dramatized political maneuverings in their histories and tragedies. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Charles Dickens and Mark Twain wrote against slavery in their novels, journals and letters. Political sarcasm and satire has been a dominant form of popular and elite expression from Aristophanes to Jonathan Swift, and even to the modern-day comedians. Realists and naturalists made melancholic anti-poverty and anti-corruption stands. James Fenimore Cooper pled for the rights of the Native Americans. Conrad protested against colonialism. These are some examples of canonical encounters between the causes of social justice and literary interpretations, or portrayals of the ills that plague humanity. Please press on the links below to read the articles or click on the attached PDF file for a copy of the entire journal.



Politics and Literature: December 2009


            Introduction: Politics and Literature

Anna Faktorovich




An Orgy of Talk: Marxism and the Failure of a Master Language in Mike Gold’s Jews Without Money

Dr. Frank D. Casale


Transforming Huck Finn into Paul Watkins: Upton Sinclair’s “Red” Re-imagining in Oil!

Mark LaVoie


            A New, American Lucretia: Jane McCrea and the Formation of an American Republic

Sonya Lawson Parrish


The Communist Party, the Popular Front and Reimagining “America” in Lloyd Brown’s Iron City

Patrick Manning


Travel Writers as Policy Wonks: Robert Kaplan, Ted Rall, Rory Stewart

Dr. Gene McQuillan


Sean O'Casey and the Irish "Troubles"

Assia Kaced




            Friday Night at the Santa Monica Promenade

Beckie Weinheimer


            Suk Jin Choi, “Lunar Eclipse”

Dr. Robert Simon


            Snow in the South

            Danny Barbare



Dr. Yihsuan Tso


            Unpublished 19th Century Manuscript


            The Streets of Baltimore

Clara Victoria Dargan MacLean