Summer 2010 Issue: New and Old Historical Perspectives on Literature



New and Old Historical Perspectives on Literature

Editor: Anna Faktorovich 

This is the third issue of an academic, literary, peer-reviewed journal. It is the first one available for purchase through Amazon CreateSpace and most major distribution channels. It includes original scholarly essays, poetry, a short story, an interview with a well-known Indian poet, Jayanta Mahapatra, photographs, and book reviews. The Summer 2010 Special Issue: New and Old Historical Perspectives on Literature (Paper $30, ISBN# 978-1-450-58358-9, July 9, 2010) uses ideas originated by Stephen Greenblatt in the 1980s. Despite H. Aram Veeser's 1989 anthology, The New Historicism, and numerous other publications in this field, one is left puzzled about why any historical examination of literature is "new." We tackle the question of if historicism needs to be further updated. The journal is listed on the MLA Periodicals Directory and is a member of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals. An article about this journal was published in D-Lib Magazine's November/December 2009 issue. The critical essay and book review writers include established professors from America, England, India, China and other countries across the world. Featuring: Dr. Joan Ferretti Varnum (NYU), Dr. Robert Hauptman (Editor, Journal of Information Ethics), Dr. Eugenia Russell (University of London), Dr. Hugh Fox (Founder of the International Organization of Independent Publishers), Dr. Frank Casale, Dr. Carol Mejia LaPerle, Dr. Stephen Barnes, Dr. Karley Adney, Dr. Robert McParland, Dr. Sirpa Salenius, Dr. Yihsuan Tso, Dr. Louis Gallo, and Dr. Joe Mills. For more information view our website,


About the Author:

Anna Faktorovich is an English Instructor at the Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She is working on her dissertation, titled "The Rebellion Novel Genre in British 19th Century Literature," at the English Literature and Criticism Ph.D. program at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her M.A. in Comparative Literature is from the University of South Carolina. She is the founder, editor, illustrator, graphic designer and web developer of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal, She won the MLA Bibliography Fellowship and the Brown University Library Military Research Fellowship, and other awards. She served as a session chair, moderator, presenter and secretary at a dozen academic conferences, including SAMLA and MLA. She published essays on hypertext, Don Quixote, and other topics. View her career portfolio at


Table of Contents for Summer 2010 Issue: New and Old Historical Perspectives on Literature
 Editorial and Peer-Review Board  5
 Introduction to the Special Issue        6
 Book Reviews  
 Dr. Frank Casale, Adorno  20
 Dr. Robert Hauptman, Mountain  24
 Dr. Carol Mejia LaPerle, Emissaries  28
 James McKinstry, Romance  34
 Dr. Stephen Barnes, Shakespeare  41
 Jonathan Gagas, Intermodernism  47
 Critical Essays  
 Dr. Joan Ferretti Varnum (NYU), "Assimilation"  57
 Dr. Karley Adney, "Shakespeare"  81
 Dr. Robert McParland, "John Brown"  114
 Dr. Sirpa Salenius, "The White Slave"  133
 Dr. Yihsuan Tso, "Subversiveness"  162
 Dr. Eugenia Russell, "Martyrdom"  184
 Jayanta Mahapatra with Vivekanand Jha  204
 Short Story  
 Jason Barney, "Those Old Stories"  219
 Dr. Hugh Fox, "Doors"  230
 Conrad Geller, "Ophelia"  232
 Frank K. Baskett, "Acclimatized"  234
 Danny P. Barbare, "Fishing at Hartwell"  236
 Ben Nardolilli, "The Man from Patterson"  239
 Dr. Louis Gallo, "Wittgenstein" and other poems  241
 John Rachel, "Photo Shoot"  246
 Dr. Joe Mills, "The Next Room," and other poems  250
 Kristine Ong Muslim, "Frogs"  254
 Basanta Kumar Kar, "Spell"  256
 Anne Babson, "Darkness Shall Cover"  260
 Contributors' Biographies  262

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Jul 10, 2010, 10:18 AM
Anna Faktorovich,
Jul 10, 2010, 10:16 AM