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A small, burgeoning website created by parents that is dedicated to increasing pesticide exposure awareness.  Send website suggestions, comments, questions to us at pennsylvania152 at gmail dot com.


DID YOU KNOW?  The term "pesticide" is an umbrella term for herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, and other "cides" that kill a "pest"!  


DID YOU KNOW?  Many homeowners do not realize that their lawn care company is routinely putting toxic pesticides on their lawns.  In many cases, the homeowner believes they are only receiving chemical fertilizer treatments.  How do you know?  Ask for and read a copy of the product labels that your lawn care company is using (many labels are easily available online).  Remember that a toxic pesticide remains biologically active on people and animals as well as soil and plants. 

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 Toxic Herbicide Spillage on Sidewalk after Municipal-ordered Application to Sewers via Manholes [November/December 2006].  Second Photo shows the area earlier that day, before the toxic herbicide application and spillage.  Statements such as "The foam or herbicide used never comes in contact with anything other than the inside of the sanitary sewer system" are misleading and false.  Rumors of increased cancer rates among residents living along these lines are unquantified, as are allegations that cracks in sewer lines allow the herbicide to infiltrate cracks in adjacent drinking water supply lines.  






Click here to see or download pdf files of

Pennsylvania Acts 35 and 36 of 2002

Act 35 is Integrated Pest Management Programs at Schools (1 page)

Act 36 is Notification of Pesticide Treatments at Schools (3 pages).


Source of these Act 35 and 36 pdf files: "IPM for Pennsylvania Schools"by the Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management Program (a collaboration between the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and The Pennsylvania State University), 2004 (pages 126-129).