2014 Conference


2014 WSGO Conference



Friday, April 4, 2014, 4.30pm-6.00pm, Willard Building                                                                               [162 Willard]

A WSGO Pre-Conference Seminar: "New Directions in Women's Studies"



Carolyn Sachs, Department Head of Women’s Studies and Professor of Rural

Sociology and Women’s Studies, Penn State


Neferti X.M. Tadiar, Department Chair and Professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Barnard College, Columbia University


Moderator: Christopher Hayashida-Knight, Dual Ph.D. Candidate in History and Women’s Studies, Penn State


6.00-7.00               Dinner Reception                                                                                                                [118 Willard]


Saturday, April 5, 2014, 8.30am-5.10pm, Bank of America Career Service Building


8.30-9.00               Breakfast & registration

9.00-9.15                Welcome remarks: Shan-Jan Sarah Liu

9.15-10.15               SESSION 1: concurrent panels                                         

TRANSNATIONAL FEMINIST RESEARCH: Revisiting the Journeys of Transnational Feminist Research | Moderator: Arielle Hesse                                                                                        [103A]

Elif Balin, Hilario Lomeli, Aparna Parikh, Azita Ranjbar, and Leslie Sotomayor, Penn State                                   

THEORY, METHODOLOGY & PEDAGOGY |     Moderator: Bethany Ober                                [103B]

Reconceptualizing Gender Equality in Political Science: An Intersectional Approach with Nancy Fraser’s 3 Rs | Shan-Jan Sarah Liu, Penn State

Breaking Butler Out of Her 1990s Time Capsule | Krista Quesenberry, Penn State

Feminist Pedagogy in the Foreign Language Literature Classroom | Nadine Swartz, Penn State


10.15-10.30             Break


10.30-11.30             KEYNOTE SPEECH

                                Dr. Leela Fernandes

Challenges for Feminist Knowledge about the World: State Practices, Neo-Orientalism and Women's Studies


11.30-12.00             QnA


12.00-1.00              Lunch


1.00-2.00                SESSION 2: concurrent panels

                                SEXUAL VIOLENCE AND REPRESENTATION | Moderator: Desiree Valentine                       [103A]

The Year of Cultural Appropriation | Cassandra Collier and Yasmeen Chism, University of Louisville

                                Intimate Partner Violence: Constructing the Uncooperative   Victim | Dana Cuomo, Penn State

Blurred Lines. Exploring Sexual Agency and the Proliferation of Rape Culture in the Music of Robin Thicke | Rachel Lemashov, Penn State


EXPERIENCES IN WOMEN’S STUDIES: Student Experiences   in Women’s Studies. Paradoxes and Tensions of the Discipline | Moderator: Elif Balin                                                      [103B]

                                Andrei Israel, Rachel Terman, Leslie Sotomayor, Penn State


2.00-2.15 Break


2.15-3.15                  SESSION 3: concurrent panels

                                BODY POLITICS AND ACTIVISM  | Moderator: Deniz Dermus                                                   [103A]

                                Getting Away with It. Hymenoplasty and the Virgin   Assemblage | Sarah Abu Bakr, Penn State

Sor Juana the Hieronymite: Reexamining La Respuesta for Themes of Resistance | Emilie EggerSarah Lawrence College

“Generally Disabled Voices”. Considering Women as Biopolitical Actors in the Early Birth Control Movement | Emily Seitz, Penn State


FEMINISM AND THE ENVIRONMENT | Moderator: Rita Daniels                                              [103B]

Gendered Landscapes of Work. Risk in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Industry | Arielle Hess , Penn State

Maíz, Desmadre. Intimate Chaos, Interspecies, and Mexico's Agricultural Modernity | Emma Gaalaas Mullaney, Penn State

Ecofeminists’ Creative Green-Genius: Feminist Art as a Solution to Man-Made Problems | Sarah Elizabeth SlatesUniversity of Louisville


3.15-3.30 Coffee Break


3.30-4.30                SESSION 4: concurrent panels

                                SPORTS AND HIGHER EDUCATION | Moderator: Emilie Egger                                                [103A]

The Myth of the Equal Playing Field. Potential Empowerment for Women in Team Sports | Helen Rose Geleskie

The Impact of Homosocial Relationships and Peer Groups on the Body Image of First Year Women of Color Studying at a Predominately White Undergraduate Institution | Lauren Kross

                                Women, Contested Space, and American Football in the 1970s | Andrew Linden


CONSTRUCTING SEXUALITY | Moderator: Krista Quesenberry                                               [103B]

Rereading Ann Bannon’s Odd Girl Out to Further the Understanding of Homosexuality | Rita Daniels

Sex as Protest. "Free Love" and Anarcha-feminism in the Gilded-Age United States | Lauren Golder

Cosmopolitan. Constructing Sexuality and Heteronormativity for Women | Daphne Laurel Heflin


4.30-4.40               Break


4.40-5.10                FILM SCREENING / ART EXHIBITION            

                                Film titled Unreported by Stephanie Wein

                                Art: Traumatic Trees by Brittany Hamilton & Stephan Cohen                   

                                 The Space Within Silence by Annete Hestress


5.10-5.30                 Break


5.30-6.30                JUDY CHICAGO SYMPOSIUM*

Institutional Time. A Critique of Studio Art Education, Berg Auditorium at 100 Life Sciences Building


6.30-7.30                Judy Chicago book signing (HUB) and Judy Chicago Education Award Ceremony (Guild Room)


6.30-8.30                Judy Chicago Reception Art Alley exhibition/activities, HUB**





*This event is not organized by WSGO.

**WSGO is one of the sponsors for the Judy Chicago Reception.


With support from the Penn State: Women’s Studies Department, UPAC, George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center and the National Endowment for the Humanities We the People Challenge Grant, Rock Ethics Institute, Department of Political Science, Department of Sociology, Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, Jewish Studies Program, Institute for Arts and Humanities, Department of History, Department of Communication Arts and Sciences, Department of German and Slavic Languages and Literatures, and Center for Women Students


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