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Official Website - Home of the "Unofficial" Pennsic Bards by Day/Bards by Night Bardic event book.

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This site is an effort continuing the BBD-BBN tradition to keep up with what is going into the BBD/BBN book, but on a web page.  
When in doubt and information differs while on site? - TRUST THE ACTUAL BOOK!!!!!

Physical Book location:  Pennsic 47 - Camelot Treasures, Booth #30 on the Street of Dreams

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All events listed in the Bards by Day / Bards by Night book are voluntary by the hosts of the event and the event is considered open to the interested public.
Announcement - Mug the Gate!
Hoping to do some fire-walking and wondering which camps to stop by? - there is a growing movement in its early stages about "mugging the gate"! 
Look for gates with mugs bedecked with ribbons and other fun things - that is your sign that entertainment is welcome!
More information on this soon as "They" come up with it!  And who is going to argue with "Them"?  :D
The volunteer organizers of the Bards by Day / Bards by Night project, (and those collecting the information for the website) are working to collect, compile, and share information about open bardic and related activities at Pennsic War as a way to get the word out to those folks who may be interested in attending and finding where this fun stuff is happening. 
Anything beyond that is "not our llama."
Thank you and we hope you have a grand time at Pennsic!