Welcome to the Pennsic Bardic Arts Exhibition!

Pennsic War 44, Monday August 4th, 2-5pm - Performing Arts Tent
"Come and enjoy an amazing afternoon display of featuring a variety of bardic arts
and artists from around the known world!"


This is the official website for information and the form to request a performance time in the Monday 8/4 Pennsic Bardic Arts Exhibition from 2-5pm in the Performing Arts Tent.

We encourage everyone to sign up and put your best work forward for your fellow bards, friends, and audience!
Please feel free to share the form with any bardic list you may be on, 
or help any bard who will be at Pennsic but may not have regular access to a computer fill out their form.

Click here to open the Bardic Expo Performers Sign Up form in a new window:

Please email loreleiskye25@gmail.com by July 15th if you or someone you know
needs to submit a form through the postal service or email. 

If you would like to be part of the discussion or event planning

We are excited to announce there is ALSO a Storytelling Exhibition happening Thursday 8/6 2:30 - 5:30 in the Performing Arts tent.  Participant's are welcome to submit for both Exhibitions - please email Lady Kateryn Draper (or click here) for the Storytelling Exhibition sign up form, more information, questions or the different guidelines for the Storytelling Exhibition: kateryndraper@yahoo.com
*Note:  This is a separate yet sisterly event to the Pennsic Bardic Arts Exhibition.

*All Bards* Are Welcome to request a place in the Monday Exhibition.  Group performances welcome! 
(*Bards = performers of traditional singer-songwriter-poets and instrumentalists, physical performers, and magicians; musicians, singers, poets, storytellers, jugglers, jongleurs, minstrels, skalds, troubadores, troveres, minnesangers, meistersangers, et cetera and so on and so forth!" ~ with thanks to Gorsedd and Northshield for the wording)