PRISM is Penn's Spiritual & Religious Life Umbrella organization. We serve to foster dialogue, collaboration, understanding, and fellowship among diverse faith-based groups on campus and the university as a whole. PRISM draws together a wide array of spiritual communities as an all-inclusive forum for consultation and advocacy. PRISM sponsors dialogue groups, educational speakers, open events, service projects, social activities, and supports the programs of its constituents. It represents faith-based groups in various forums across the university and its administrative departments and collaborates widely with other student groups. We work closely with the Office of The Chaplain and convene the Faith Fund Committee, which provides financial support to programs related to faith and spirituality.

PRISM Constituent Organizations
Christian Association (CA) - The Christian Association at Penn constitutes a community of hospitality, service, advocacy, and faith exploration. 
Hindu Students Council, Young Jains of America (HSC/JYA) - Penn's Hindu Student Council seeks to raise awareness of the Hindu and Jain faiths on campus through a host of collaborative activities and events.
Latter Day Saints Association (LDSSA) - The Latter-Day Saints Student Association is a recently organized club that exists to serve the friends and members of The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Penn.
Muslim Students Association (MSA) - MSA seeks to create an inclusive and engaging environment for those on Penn’s campus who are interested in Islam. Through diverse programming, it contributes to the social, professional, religious, and spiritual development of members while giving back to the community. 
Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) - OCF seeks to provide all students the opportunity to engage with the ancient Christian faith though prayer, discussion, and fellowship.
Penn Bahá'i Association - Penn Bahá'i aims to unite members of the Bahá'i faith and students of all faiths and traditions on Penn's campus in order to promote the principles of the oneness of humanity and unity among the world's religions though study circles, devotional gatherings, and community service.
Penn Catholic Students Association (PCSA) - The PCSA offers students a forum to meet other Catholics and live their faith through service to the community. It is committed to Catholic social teaching through service to Penn, West Philadelphia, and the global community.
Penn Cru - Penn Cru seeks to embody a movement that invites students and faculty of the university to embrace Christ personally, experience Him together, and enter into His mission.
Penn for Jesus - Penn for Jesus forges partnerships in prayer to build missional communities that transform college campuses with the Gospel of Jesus. It functions as a coalition group for Christ-centered organizations at Penn.
Penn Hillel - Hillel  is the umbrella organization for Jewish life on campus. It encompasses many religious, educational, social, cultural, Israel advocacy, and other groups that allow students to create their own Jewish experience on campus.
Penn Newman Center - The Penn Newman Catholic Ministry is the Roman Catholic Church’s organization on Penn’s campus. Penn Newman offers a variety of social, spiritual, and service opportunities.
Penn Sikh Organization (PSO) - The Penn Sikh Organization (PSO) aims to foster greater awareness of Sikh values and tradition. It offers members the opportunity to learn more about the religion and share this knowledge with the greater Penn community through interfaith events. 

PRISM Student Board 2015

  • Gautam Nagaraj,  Eric Tepper - Co-Chairs
  • Alexa Mund - Vice Chair
  • Vacant - Advocacy Chair
  • Uzair Akhtar, Natasha Galperin, Nayab Khan - Programming Chairs

Advocacy and Advisory Committees

Each year, PRISM works hard to bring perspectives from different faith and spiritual backgrounds to discussions on admissions, financial aid, and other operations at the Penn so that students may be better served in the future and collaboration can occur on key initiatives and university policy changes. If you wish to get your voice heard by the administrators in a given department or are interested in serving as a PRISM representative on one of these key committees, please reach out to the Co-Chairs. Current advocacy initiatives are discussed at PRISM GBMs and minutes are public.

Resources for Groups and Individuals

The Faith Fund
Established in 2010, the Faith Fund provides both event-specific support for activities that consider religious and spiritual themes and non-event based support for religious and spiritual organizations. Religious and non-religious Penn student organizations are eligible to apply for event funding. The Fund is administered by the Office of the Chaplain and funding decisions are made by a representative student committee convened by PRISM. Meetings are bimonthly.
 Funding Resources
 There are an array of other funding sources that sponsor faith related events at Penn. Most are available through the Common Funding Application, which allows groups to apply to multiple sources simultaneously. An overview of university funding sources and their guidelines can be found here. PRISM can also help direct you to relevant campus resources for your event.
 The Chaplain's Office
The Chaplain's Office supports the academic mission of the University by facilitating and encouraging initiatives concerned with the moral, ethical, and spiritual dimensions of university life. It is an excellent support resource for student groups and individuals at Penn.

Connect With Us

As of 2014, PRISM, the Office of the Chaplain, and the Spiritual and Religious Life Center at Penn are located on the second floor of the east end of Houston Hall. This space is open to all for prayer/reflection, small group meetings, study, and events.

The Spiritual and Religious Life Center at Houston Hall (2nd Floor)


Interested in collaborating with us or connecting with PRISM constituent groups? Email us at