FALL 2017 Symposium - Medical Physics:  topic TBD


The theme of our symposium is “Medical Physics: TBD.” The Friday afternoon session consists of invited talks by experts in our field, and research talks by students and young physicists from the Penn-Ohio Chapter, followed by a social event (TBD). The Saturday Symposium, running from 8 am am to 4 pm, will feature talks by students and expert medical physicists. THE PROGRAM HAS APPLIED FOR TBD CAMPEP CREDITS, TBD SAM credits, and TBD MDCB credits. View the full agenda here (add link to new agenda - TBD).

View the Final Presentations (pdfs) here (add link to folder with presentations - TBD).

Abstracts -

Submission Deadline:

Presenters to be notified on TBD See the results here (TBD- add link to abstracts folder).

President-Elect at (email TBD) or 
Alf Siochi, 
chapter secretary at rasiochi@hsc.wvu.edu.


October 13, 2017 :

Noon to 1 pm: Check in and on site registration.
1 to 7 pm: Talks and exhibits.
7 to 9 pm: Social event (TBD).

October 14, 2017:

7 to 8 am: Check in and on site registration
8 am to ?? pm: Talks and exhibits
?? to end (TBD) pm: Awards and Business meeting


Cleveland, OH
(reservation info TBD).

Self Assessment Modules:

Available from 10/13/17 through 11/14/17:
ACCESS THE SAM SURVEYS: TBD- add link to survey site

Exhibitor Info:

Now accepting online payments!
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Fill out the application, sign, scan and email to rasiochi@hsc.wvu.edu

Credit cards accepted 
or send us a check.

Setup Information:
October 13, 2017
Set up: 11 to noon

October 14, 2017
Set up:7 to 8 am
Break Down: TBD