Last Updated 27 Feb 2016

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Opening Caveats:

  • The information contained in this website is a copy of Mr. Jim Lantz' old Group 10 website previously hosted on his Comcast account.  Every page was copied into Microsoft Word files, then uploaded to this site for Pennington family researchers to use in the interim until the GEDCOM file can be updated and transitioned to a new website with usable hyperlinks.  When you encounter hyperlinks on this website, most if not all of them still link back to the old Comcast site and result in an HTTP Status 404 when clicked.  It is recommended that researchers use the simple search query above to locate information on specific people.  Finally, if anyone is handy with html coding and knows an easy way to update the hyperlinks for this website (without manually updating each individual link), please let me know.  I'll gladly accept the help.
  • This information results from years of dedication and labor by the late Mr. Jim Lantz, former Group 10 Leader, as well as the research of many others.  As Jim cautioned us, "Do not take the information you find here to be gospel truth!".  Please be sure to always verify sources yourself and when you find errors that need correcting, please notify me via email at drpenni@gmail.com.
  • The material contained here is for the use of all Pennington researchers. All items can be freely copied for your own use. However, this does not imply that the material is releasable to public domain for publication.
  • Some individuals listed in this research remain questionable and/or unverifiable. These individuals were given an additional middle name of (SUSPECT or Problem). The notes attached to these individuals provide reason(s) for concern.
  • If a spouse's name is unknown, they were given the last name of the known spouse prefaced by ZZZ Mr./Mrs. [i.e., John Jones' wife is listed only as "Sarah", she is referenced as "Sarah (ZZZ Mrs. John Jones)"].
  • This places all ancestors with no last name at the end of the Surname list.  Please, if anyone can provide a name for them please contact me and I will correct the record.
  • This site is currently limited to nine (9) levels of descendants to protect the privacy of descendants who may still be living. 

Group 10 Progenitor:  The progenitor of Group 10 was Thomas Pennington 1640-1702, Surry County, Virginia.  His father may have been Edward Pennington, but that is not yet clearly established. Early records have the name spelled "Pedington". Thomas' marriage to Sarah George is confirmed by the will of Col. John George dated 2 Aug 1678.