PPS are featured in the latest book by author and 
"International Ghost Walker"
Malcolm Hanson
Priced at £10.99
(If you would like to order a copy of this book please email si.booth@live.co.uk )


PPS Can Offer You A Real Hands On Investigation Experience!
Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, are you wanting a corporate or friendship group experience with a difference. PPS now have sole access to two very active indoor sites in the Keighley area. You will get a full night 8.00pm until 12.00 midnight of investigating alongside one of the UK's premier investigation teams. using both scientific and traditional Victorian methods.
Prices are £10 - £25 per person depending on location and group size, groups of 5 to 10 only. Your group will also be sent a complimentary DVD of the nights highlights (around an hour to an hour and a half footage) included in the price additional DVD's can be ordered on the night at £3 each. 
Contact Si Booth on si.booth@live.co.uk for further information
Pennine Paranormal Society "PPS"
 We are a small group founded by
Si Booth & Chris Whitehouse .
 Located in Haworth near Keighley, we investigate paranormal sightings and happenings from a scientific perspective, but also use traditional techniques such as "Spirit Boards" and "Table Tipping" (Table Turning).
 We will investigate any paranormal happenings in our local area for private individuals or businesses. We always try and find everyday non-paranormal explanations (de-bunking); however if we do find any evidence of the paranormal we will share this with our clients and advise them on how to go forward from our investigation.
We never charge private individuals who need our help!
Please note "PPS" is a non-profit organisation
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We use scientific methods and equipment:
Cameras, Video Cameras, EMF detectors, K2 monitors, Laser Ghost Grids, 
Digital Recorders (for EVP) etc.
Alongside more traditional methods such as:
 "Yes / No Tables" and "Table Tipping"
  We do work alongside Mediums and Sensitive's, however only evidence that can be actually measured or researched will be classified proof.
Please note that this does not mean that we do not believe that people can't be sensitive,
 in fact we believe to some degree most people are sensitive (we all get goose bumps or have the hairs stand up on the back of our necks). However personal experiences are difficult to prove or measure if you are sensitive or not. So although we always take anyone who is sensitive very seriously and document what they say, we will always try to back this up with hard evidence. On the issue of "Ouija Boards" again the results from using them are difficult to prove, and usually little good will come from their usage if not used properly so please beware if unsure contact PPS for advice. 




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