Welcome to the site of the Penn Graduate Consulting Group (PGCG). The purpose of our group is to serve the members of the Penn graduate and post-doctoral community who share a common interest in learning about careers in management consulting. To this end, we host multiple events, including panel discussions, seminars, workshops, and lively networking receptions. We also create opportunities for our members to understand the perspectives of both experienced and freshly minted consultants. It is our goal to provide our 200+ members with an in-depth exposure to the consulting industry, and with ample support in preparing for case-based interviews.

Our focus is on:
  • Increasing awareness of alternative career paths by introducing the Penn graduate and post-doctoral community to career opportunities in management consulting.
  • Assisting our members with the application process, equipping non-MBA students with basic business knowledge, and providing opportunities to practice for case interviews.
  • Helping consulting firms facilitate the recruitment of non-MBA graduate students at Penn.

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 ** PGCG Case Competition 2012
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