We are practicing dances every Sunday. These dance classes focus on Chinese classical dances and Ethnic Minority dances. Outstanding participants will have the opportunities for performance after certain amount of training. 

You are more than welcome to become part of us! No dancing experience is required. However, you do need a passionate heart for dances.

Contents: basics, classic dance/ethnic dance/fan dance/umbrella dance, etc.
When:   1pm-5pm, Sunday (Unless Special Announcement)
Where:  Annenberg Dance Studio (UPenn Campus)
                   37th St. & Walnut St. , Philadelphia

If you are interested, please email: 
or call our major contacts:   Jia Xue (217-898-8278)
with your name, email, phone number and interested dance types. We will reach you with relevant information. 

我们是一个以 Upenn,Dexel, Temple 的中国学生为主体, 爱好中国民族舞蹈的群体。为了丰富同学们的生活,我们将举办舞蹈教学班.

内容 :基本功训练,古典舞,敦煌舞,苗族舞,蒙古舞,藏族舞,新疆舞,傣族舞,扇舞,伞舞等
时间 :每周日 下午1:00-5:00
地点:     Annenberg Dance Studio ( UPenn Campus ),
                                37th St and Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

或手机联络:Jia Xue (
告诉我们你的姓名, 电邮, 电话 和感兴趣的舞种。
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