About Us

 Pennsylvania Chinese Dance Group (PCDC)
    We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and art through traditional Chinese dance. Founded in May 2006 as a small self-organized group of dance lovers, we are now over 40 members strong, capable of independent choreography and undertaking outstanding large-scale performances.
    We have developed an extensive repertoire reflecting the beauty and diversity of Chinese culture, which includes Classical Dance, Fan Dance, Uyghur Dance, Dai Dance, Dunhuang Dance, Tibetan Dance and Han Dynasty Dance. We perform for the local Chinese community at welcoming events at schools as well as the festivals, and we actively engage with surrounding schools and communities through public performances, Latin dance training courses, and various social activities throughout the year.  


        PCDC (宾州华人舞蹈协会成立于20065月,是宾州注册的非盈利团体,致力于宣扬推广中国民族古典歌舞文化艺术。协会最初由费城华人舞蹈爱好者自发组织,发展至今已成为拥有40多名成员,能够独立编舞,承接表演,组织大型晚会的优秀艺术团体。 


        PCDC 的使命:通过以舞健身,以舞交友,以舞习艺的方式,多渠道地向社会宣传中国传统艺术文化。


  Call for Talents

If you are interested in performing arts, non-profits management or volunteer work, you are more than welcome to join us! Most of our current members are young graduates and university students, who are motivated and inspired. Here, you will experience the growth of a young organization, take the challenge, and enjoy the close relationship with people around you. 

We are currently looking for people with experiences in choreography, performance production, performance photography, business/non-profit management. If you've got any of these or just a warm heart to volunteer your time, please contact :

Emma Xue (xuejia@sp2.upenn.edu)

Emma Xue (xuejia@sp2.upenn.edu)

  Call for Contribution

PCDC is a non-profit organization. Your donation will help her improve and better give back to the community. Every amount contributed to PCDC will be spent in dance and culture related programs dedicated for enhancing cultural diversity. If you are interested in contribution, or any related issues, please contact our treasurer and sponsorship officer: 

Emma Xue (xuejia@sp2.upenn.edu)
Thank you for your generosity! 

Emma Xue (xuejia@sp2.upenn.edu)