"Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain 

            an artist once he grows up. "

    - Pablo Picasso Spanish Cubist painter 

                        (1881 - 1973)


 Welcome students, parents, teachers and friends!

Here is a way for you to see what's new

 in the Penn Brook Art Room. 

 This space will give you a glimpse of the concepts 

   and skills we are learning as well as a hands on look at 

      our creativity. I will post examples and descriptions

          of our projects, in addition there will be art room 

          updates and important information added. 
                                                                                         Please enjoy the site and visit us often.

Square 1 ART is BACKKKKKKK! 

Please look for catalogs to be coming home
the week of November 5th.

Square 1 ART now accepts orders on-line.
Parents may order products by clicking the shop tab, eliminating any need to send in order forms.

Deadline for ordering is 11/15/2012

Due to production schedules to allow products to be manufactured and sent back to the school by 
December 15th we CAN NOT accept any late orders. No orders can be processed after November 15th.



Breanna's self-portrait seems to be 

looking right back at her.




Studio Thinking Framework
Eight Habits of Mind

Develop Craft Photo

Develop Craft

Learning to use and care for tools (e.g., viewfinders, brushes), materials (e.g., charcoal, paint). Learning artistic conventions (e.g., perspective, color mixing).

Engage & Persist Photo

Engage & Persist

Learning to embrace problems of relevance within the art world and/or of personal importance, to develop focus and other mental states conducive to working and persevering at art tasks.

Envision Photo


Learning to picture mentally what cannot be directly observed and imagine possible next steps in making a piece.

Express Photo


Learning to create works that convey an idea, a feeling, or a personal meaning.

Observe Photo


Learning to attend to visual contexts more closely than ordinary "looking" requires, and thereby to see things that otherwise might not be seen.

Reflect Photo


Question & Explain: Learning to think and talk with others about an aspect of one’s work or working process.

Evaluate: Learning to judge one’s own work and working process and the work of others in relation to standards of the: field.

Stretch & Explore Photo

Stretch & Explore

Learning to reach beyond one's capacities, to explore playfully without a preconceived plan, and to embrace the opportunity to learn from mistakes and accidents.

Understand Art World

Understand Art World

Domain: Learning about art history and current practice.

Communities: Learning to interact as an artist with other artists (i.e., in classrooms, in local arts organizations, and across the art field) and within the broader society.


Fun with color . . . 



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Art Quotes

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